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  1. It's got BONE...that is a bone nut!!
  2. YA,YA, life's is like a box of FUCKING CHOCOLATES!!! But i do like checking out alot of the stuff thats post on CCC By the way just bought a Epiphone Les Paul Custom with Seymour Duncans installed!
  3. It seem's that everyone has a double somewhere,when i was 18 and move to Vancouver Wa. i crashed a party in the hood and not knowing anybody got in the beer line and people kept calling my Harly? So i was WTF o.k.and after about 20 or so guys and gals were high fiving me and hugging me and the constant "WHERE YOU"VE BEEN MAN" and me going along with it for free beer,i hooked up with a cute little blonde who always had a crush on me? :shock:And went back to my place, 8D So the next morning it took some time,my I.D., and Brith Cretificate to convince her i wasn't Harly(we dated for 2 weeks)so for the next year or so people called me Harly! Never did find out what happen to Harly,but had met alot of people because of him and people would hand me beers all the time! :brew: In 76 my old sister and her husband had moved to Tri-Cites,so i drove up to see them and went to a wedding with them what the hell free beer,my brother inlaw is from Richmond,and everyone was calling me Doug,no shit it trun's out his little brother looks just like me but i didn't get laid,LOL!! Over the years i've had people try to convince me that i was someone else,from ROCK STARS to their Best Freinds and for about eight years people around Vancouver would call me Randy,so i'm dating a girl name Mindy in the late 80's,and she said's you look like my brother Randy...anyway i meet Randy and he said people have been calling him Norm for year's! It would have been funny if we had bumped into each other and you called me Cragg,and i may have played along for a beer or two,over the years i've had more people at bars buy me a drink and start talking about the good old times then i can count,who i'm i to call them a liar? but haven't done very much ice climbing even though i have a rack of ice screws,but i have a couple of photo's of you and don't know anyone i would mistake you for and enjoy the hell out of reading your post,you have a unique way of phasing things to say the least,you should think about writing stories!! I can only imagine what a riot it is to climb or bar hop with you,and whether or not your responsible for your cute kids,i do know some poeple with some buttugly kids,i'm talking dragged behind a truck on a bad road UGLY,and some kids i'd like to drag behind a truck on bad road,or their folks for raising them the wrong way... But as i said before if i could be god for one minute there would be a lot less assholes on this planet!!!!!! I have a shot list and a long list!! I once was mistaken for some one who gave a shit by five big Biker wannabes and when it was over i was still standing but bleeding,when asked by freinds who hit me,my answer was lets start with who didn't it might be a shorter list!! The truth is they were hit each other more then me,and they did say they were sorry afterwards and bought me a couple beers!! :brew: :brew: :brew: :brew: But i would still put them on my short list!! BTW what ever happen to Cragg Bryant?? Norm
  4. Your kids are cute,i've played dad over the years and even a bad day at work can be turned in to good one when you come home to small faces and leg grabbers,but their moms just didn't work out or it was me,who knows,but never had any of my own!! Here's my folks dancing at a family gathering and resting on the couch last june,and one of us kids lined up by age,old to young,I'm the sunburned one from a Hood climb 2 days before. It was a long day of too much food,and at least a 12 pack of IPA's,it's hard to tell but these pictures were shot at 7:30PM and the party started at noon and ended at 2:30AM,good times!! :brew:
  5. In 2003 i had just toped off at pikers peak on MT.Adams in bad weather,snowing ,blowing ice and low clouds,when out of the whiteout i could see a man comming down,as we were about to passed he stopped and got face to face with me and asked"why is it again that we climb mountains?" My answer was "because they are there!" We both developed a shiteating grin and parted ways.I finally got to use that line,to much!!
  6. Sorry to hear about your friend,we are all short timers on this planet,and for some of us it even shorter,in 2000 i solo climbed Hood in late sprig and was the frist one and only one there,or at least i thought i was,it was deep snow when i got to Crater Rock and it drained me breaking trail,and the Hogs back was a nightmare. As i got to the summit the sun was just rising and i was spent,dogass tired,as i planted my ass on the windy icecap and open a beer i noticed that the snow i was sitting on was gray ash and a lot of it,as i looked around i found two 8" by 10" glass framed pictures a short distance from the ash,one was a young man maybe in his late 20's,and the other was a older man in his 40's or 50's,there were no names,but even in my waisted state of mine,i knew i was not alone,after placing the pictures in a safer upright setting,i tried to figure out why they didn't get a full life,for the life of me i was blown away! Out of respect i said a small prayer and held my beer up high in a toasts to them and headed down and when i got home i realized i hadn't even taken any sunrise photo's and although i have no clue as to who they were i still see their faces when i think of that climb as your freind Kevin will be in my thought's when ever i think of you!! I will soon be 51 and know that my time on this planet is getting shorter and alot of people in my life have passed on but they still live in are memories,I hope this story is not taken wrong because for me,at the time i was 42 it made me want to pay more attention to the small things of life and the people around me and have not talked about it before but am shure someone on CCC know these men and their stories,hope you find Peace with the passing of you freind Kevin. ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE!! Norm
  7. I can get alot of tit in my mouth,trust me i've amazed myself over the year's,and at time's should have dislocated my jaw!!!
  8. Domestic violence is not the answer. I wasn't avocating domestic violence of any kind,and for as much as some people deserve a black eye LOL,i take it out on my bag,over the years and 3 bags i've only hit a couple of A-holes and only at the last resort,and i still felt like crap afterwards! Oh,i'm not shure if smacking a stuffed Koala Bear can be construed as Domestic violence,but i get your point,but i was just being facetious and hope Wolfgang understude it as such!! I'm perty shure it was a fake Koala Bear unless they drink coffee and wear eyeglasses!!
  9. pc313

    Why me?

    This is my AURA!!!
  10. Hay kev,i seen these Guntars on Ebay don't know if it come's in Classical or 7 string!!
  11. pc313

    Dreams of dogs

    Maybe i"ve drank 5 beers,or maybe it was 6,"Well to tell the truth,in all the excitement i've kinda lost track myself..." but being that i bought a 12 pack you've gotta ask your self..."WELL PUNK" if your going in the kitchen could you get me another cold one too? :brew: I just got a DVD of "THE EIGER SANCTION" it's one of my favorite movies!!
  12. Wolfgang,i think you need to find something to take your agression out on,it will do you good!! But when picking a victim make damm shure they can't do anything about it,i work out on a heavy bag,work's for me!!
  13. My folks just had their 57 anniversary and can still smile about it,so good luck Dads,may you be so lucky!
  14. These might be fake too,but i've always thought that anything over a mouth full is waisted!
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