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Typically, you don't know shit about bears or bear management. Furthermore, you can't even follow the basic facts of a short posting


Bears come into campgrounds all the time (the incident happened in an RV park, not on private property dumbshit). If California parks managed bears per your moronic suggestion, you wouldn't be able to park for all the bear carcasses.


The key is not bear management, but people management. Proper storage of food is key, and this fucking numbnuts flagrantly ignored that golden rule.


Millions of RVs and kids visit Yosemite, the highest concentration of campground bears in the country, every year, and no bears get shot.


Why don't you STFU for an hour or so, sit in a quiet room somewhere, and think about how why you get off on publically displaying your obvious stupidity?


If I were you, I'd be reflecting on your stupidity on calling a dude who has treated you with more respect that you seem to prefer to give others, so poorly. You think that you are somehow immune from any reaction to calling a person a moron and a dumbshit? If so, reflect on your own intelligence for a moment. I would bet a phat bankroll you wouldn't say it to his face, so why act all agro online? Does putting another down make you feel so damn much better? Frankly, I agree with your earlier post about the guy who shot the bear, but you need to be aware and reflect on the idea that you are not anonymous, like you mistakenly seem to think.


Start treating others with some modicum of respect.


If you believe this to be the case and change your post to lighten up, I'll erase this one. Your call.



BTW, that's a great Mt Lion story on the Onion.

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Millions of RVs and kids visit Yosemite, the highest concentration of campground bears in the country, every year, and no bears get shot.


You're wrong. There are plenty of bears shot there, it's just that the authorities do it. I've seen this with my own eyes. They routinely kill bears in Yos. I've seen 2 that they killed and I know they do it all too frequently. Furthermore, as a backdrop, they spend lots of time, money and effort doing things so that they don't have to kill those bears.

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I was mountain biking on Silver Star Mt. east of Vancouver Wa.

at 3,000 ft and ran into a big black bear,was damm glad to see

him run from me,still remember him standing on his back legs

crashing thought the brush,and looking back!! Hell I was in his

back yard,and should of made more noise. Last Sunday after a

summit hike, we had a camp raider,9,300ft. south side Mt.Adams.

The look he gave me was like the bear when he was looking back!


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Be bear aware....Grizzly bears are roaming the Stuart area. My buddy saw one when we were on the West side below Ulrich's in June. Huge scat piles littered about, and my pal knows the difference between a Black and a Grizzly. A local hunter bagged a bear recently, and took it to the taxidermist, who felt compelled to report the Grizz, not Black, death to the authorities. The "authorities" reportedly confirmed the existence of Grizzlies in the Enchantments, and also mentioned they haven't been forthcoming with the public about this development. Apparently, there used to be Grizz in this area, and many others, I'm sure. Anybody able to confirm this story?

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