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  1. [TR] Big Chiwaukum - NW Face Couloir 4/1/2013

    Classic, and well done.
  2. [TR] Sandy Headwall - Mt. Hood - 7/4/2012

    Very nice!
  3. [TR] Johannesburg Mtn - NE Buttress 8/21/2011

    That looks sweet
  4. [TR] Rainier - Emmons 7/15/2005 - 7/17/2005

    Ivan, what the heck, did you just repost this? Must have, because it's a pretty boring narrative compared to your usual invigorating penwork. Nice to know you were a grom back in the day somewhere! Cheers.
  5. I'm looking for compatible partners or a team to join over the next couple of weeks as conditions allow. I'm keeping posted on the route, and have a flexible schedule for climbing. Let's hit it when it comes in, soon now.
  6. Dude, I hope you die before you get old!
  7. That's an awesome production, Thread of Ice.......
  8. [TR] Mt. Rainier - Chasing Sherpa (on the DC) 8/16/2008

    And that's from one surfer to another. You are a neoprene wearing piece of shark bait??
  9. [TR] Mt. Rainier - Chasing Sherpa (on the DC) 8/16/2008

    8 hours kicks ass. Good job.

    Be bear aware....Grizzly bears are roaming the Stuart area. My buddy saw one when we were on the West side below Ulrich's in June. Huge scat piles littered about, and my pal knows the difference between a Black and a Grizzly. A local hunter bagged a bear recently, and took it to the taxidermist, who felt compelled to report the Grizz, not Black, death to the authorities. The "authorities" reportedly confirmed the existence of Grizzlies in the Enchantments, and also mentioned they haven't been forthcoming with the public about this development. Apparently, there used to be Grizz in this area, and many others, I'm sure. Anybody able to confirm this story?
  11. [TR] Curtis Gilbert - Klickton Ridge 8/23/2008

    Great report, nice to have a family outing for sure. I don't have any route finding excuses now. Thanks for posting.
  12. BIG climb- need partner

    Let me know Wayne, I can probably make next week available, in exchange, though, you'll have to settle for legs older than yours, and though free 5.8 doesn't make me real nervous, I'd be happier doing low 5's instead to keep pace. The Picketts look awesome, have my attention and I'm looking for something to fill the Liberty Ridge gap my partners imposed on me this Spring.
  13. [TR] Mt. Stuart - W. Ridge 7/2/2008

    Good stuff, thanks Mark. When I came off the FS last time, I had followed the cairns down below a step in the FS ridge, and then a boot track out onto a sloping face above a rock band, maybe 150' below. I had to traverse out about 150', maybe a bit more to clear the end of this rock band, then it was clean face down to the boulder field. Experience is a good teacher, I'm looking forward to getting back up there. Thanks, again.