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Former locals do good in ouray


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2007 Competition Results



Finish Name

1 Kryvosheytsev, Evgeny

2 Gariepy, Audrey

3 Marshall, Rich

4 Wharton, Josh

5 Cordova, Manuel

Stein, Paul

Turgeon, Maxime

8 Beverly, Marc

9 Audibert, Mathieu

Nelson, Jason

11 Mayo, Will

12 Glanc, Dawn

13 Ware, Caroline

14 Anderson, Vince

15 Arend, Kristie

16 Lockard, Tracy


and looks like DaleR came in 5th in the prelim.



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12th place finisher is a summer resident of B-ham, she's no slouch. I think Tracey used to live in Seattle too. Seems like all the PNW female exports showed well. The comp route looked pretty creative this year, I've only seen the pictures, but it looks pretty cool.

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lets not let dawn get by without a little recognition too. (12th) WHile not exactly a "local", she has guided for American Alpine Institute here in the cascades for some 6 years now. First met her at cody's ice festival a long time ago. A very cool person and congrats to her for doing so well!

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nice work Bill! but why no shorts over polypro? I mean, you are representing the PNW here...


If I'm not mistaken I believe Bill offered to wear only his "man thong" and boots (his words not mine) and once he started getting pumped to start skipping bolts and running for it.


:wazup: Bill?

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To be totally accurate it was a leopard skin man thong, but I forgot it when I was packing. I really had images of my glorious ascent that went like this: I'm wearing only my man thong, boots and helmet. As I ascend higher on the route I start to get pumped. I take a giant crowd pleasing whipper. As the rope starts to catch me it shockloads my man thong, causing catastrophic failure. The crowd gasps in horror. Children scream, women faint, fade to black.

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