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  1. Where do you post from?

    Ahhhh monsieur, No more spooning with Lee. Good for you. Say hi if your still with him.
  2. Where do you post from?

    Where you at today? I'm knackered. Got ur message. So what up?
  3. Granite family coming home, for good.

    Can I finish the Tango Towers project?
  4. Live it!

    See you at the trailhead MH!!!!!
  5. Former locals do good in ouray

    Big ups to my man Josh W... only M-climbing for 2 WEEKS and winds up 4th!!!!
  6. Which country has the best....

    Sloveia, Poland... Interesting noone has whispered Rolo's name? Jeglic was mighty stout too...RIP
  7. Leashes= cheating (many say)

    W's post tagged it...well spoken sir.
  8. Leashes= cheating (many say)

    Bicker as you will, leashes are new, leashless is the original mode of ice climbing. Aid, schmaid who cares. The Euros might smoke a lot of fags, and pizz next to their huts, but their technical abililies are rarely in question. To ignore innovation, or "retro-vation??" is to stick your head in sand, and hold on to the American standard while the rest of teh world is metric. I think I stole the term "blanket statements" from an old LL Cool J song...I'll have to check.
  9. Leashes= cheating (many say)

    What about drytooling the Hallucinogen Wall in the Black Canyon... LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL What if you climb an A5 pitch with a crashpad? Or WI3 with only one crampon What about M9 with rock shoes on? How about Changabang with only a T-shirt? G-IV with boots that are too small
  10. Leashes= cheating (many say)

    I met you with Scotty at a gym in Portland, Mike (Tobin's not my real name)...maybe three years ago, your first year of chiropractor school I showed you my foot, and you told me about draggin yourself to your car bloodied in Vegas. Look for Scotty to make a comeback tour w/ Junior this Spring.
  11. Leashes= cheating (many say)

    Maybe we should ask the Scots, or even our own Henry Barber whether leashes are a fad? Or possibly ask the Hindus if nose rings are a fad. Your crotchety azz should recognize leashes are the fad. Who has said what is "aid" here? If you want to discuss fads in the modern ice game beat the "bareback" horse you brokeback. I really have to like you to even yell "ICE"...seems to be an inherent objective hazard of the game. Stay on the porch, or join me on the sofa.
  12. Leashes= cheating (many say)

    Pope- You are a clown azz dude. Wise up. I guess the list of people you are too high and noble to belay might include the likes of Steve House, Vince Anderson, Marko Prezl (sp), the late JC Lafaille and Hari Berger, Scott Decapio, Will Gadd, Raph...and on and on... Your probably so hard that you like those cold fingers though. Climb with leashes, climb while I was breast feeding, i dont particularly care what your "street cred" is. To make blanket statements like that make you sound like your str8 out of Iowa with your alpinism (no offense to Iowa as an alpine bastion).
  13. Leashes= cheating (many say)

    "I wouldn't belay a guy who climbs without leashes." I'm fuqing speechless at this. I'm rarely speechless, and I'm speechless. Maybe you should just stay indoors altogether. It's safer there.
  14. Ouray Ice Park

    I found no lines on opening weekend?
  15. Simul-climbing - I don't get the appeal

    rock exotica ropeman mobetta than tibloc
  16. Video TR Cody Ice

    I left my broken heart in Cody...
  17. Simul-climbing - I don't get the appeal

    If you injured yourself belaying, then simulclimbing probably isn't for you.
  18. Your 2007 Climbing Resolution(s)

    Nose by happy hour...
  19. Would be waaay cheaper to live slightly out of Cham if you had transport. Or meet a furry French girl. Donnez moi etet!
  20. Miss Nevada: under Miss Americas Dress?

    God bless America
  21. Frostnip?

    I went climbing in the mountains. That whole deal went from 10 toes good, to 5 toes good in less than 40 hours.
  22. climbing porn

    I assummed he was soloing and there was no belay? The French have all the toys, tethers and leashes, errrr...dragonnes rather. Cool website to snurf around.
  23. Ames Ice Hose, WTF????

    One cold morning climbing with a British friend brought us to this topic. His response was so spot on. "If that happened back home every one would just pop him in the mouth when they saw him until he chopped it himself." And I thought I was a savage...lol.
  24. LasVegas Rock Questions?-help me

    The first 15 routes (not pitches)you climb in RR are crowded and over-bolted... After that it is the goods.
  25. [TR] Red Rocks - Resolution Arete 11/26/2006

    Just partied with Phil B. a few weeks back. He did the FA in case you didn't know. So cool how climbing cuts through time. He was stoked I was stoked, and I was stoked he was stoked. Of course the whiskey tasted like water too...