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  1. Mont Blanc in April/May

  2. Recomended Avalanche Books

    "The Avalanche Handbook" is a very good resource. It's a lot more technical than some of the other books out there, but it is quite comprehensive. Some well respected university snow science and engineering programs use it as one of their text books.
  3. AT Bindings Silvretta 500, sz SM, fits up to about a US 9 -used, but in good shape- $100 Silvrett 300, osfa -oldy but a goody- $60 AT Boots Scarpa Spiret 3, sz 27 mondopoint -as good as new- $275 Mtneering Boots Vasque Ice 9000, sz 41 Euro -new, unused- $100 You pay shipping-I don't live in WA (about 10 bucks) reasonable offers considered PM me for picks
  4. BUMP. Make an offer! I gotta get rid of this shit.
  5. All Checks a Go

    I thought that was Tackle when I looked at the first couple of pictres, pretty funny. Nice stache.
  6. Umbilical set-up?

    I havn't had that happen before, but if if I'm plunging with them, then I don't have the thing clipped to the spike. Also, I added a bunch of tape to the biner to make it a bit wider, so it isn't possible for it to flip. But in any event, the Nano biners seem to have worked better than anything else out there for me, for a full strength biner.
  7. Umbilical set-up?

    The tiny Camp biners seem to work pretty well, I can't remember what they are called. I replaced the stock biners on the grivel tethers with the camp and they are a lot easier to use with gloves on. They are small enough where they don't flip in front of the pomel on the new BD tools and are still full strengh biners. The bd proto seems quite promising, I've liked it more than the grivel, for what its worth, but the majority of the time I don't use tethers at all.
  8. Tech Tip

    Yeah, a real biner attached to your harness, just like an ice clipper is pretty reliable. Probably not as user friendly, but you're most likely not going to break it.
  9. where does one sport climb in december (USA)?

    Vegas. Pretty reliable weather through December, it can be a bit chilly, but not bad. Many of the good crags are south facing. The only bummer is the concentration camp style BLM campsite.
  10. Recently, companies have been rather quick to yank pro deals from vendors, guide services, university outdoor programs, and even avalanche centers. I don't really have a problem with people trying to circumvent high retail prices, but I would recommend being as discreet as possible about it.
  11. For Sale: New/Unused pair of Vasque Ice 9000 double boots. Come with heat molded liner. Sz Euro 41. $150- shipping included.
  12. I've got three pairs of Vasque ice boots and one pair of Scarpa AT boots for sale. All prices include UPS Ground. Vasque Ice 9000- $250- Brand New/Never Used. These are the new orange ones. They've got a heat moldable liner. Size 8. Vasque Super Alpinista- $150. Brand New/Never Used. These are the first version bright yellow ones. I've had them for a couple of years but I've never used them. Theya are very warm. size 9 or euro sz 42 Vasque M-finity- Well... these ones are kinda fucked, they've seen a LOT of use and the front rand on the left boot is starting to come apart, but they can be epoxied back together. sz 9/ euro 42. They are also pretty packed out, so they don't fit me well. They'd be a good boot to make fruit boots out of if ya wanted something like that. Make and offer. I'd accept a trade of some sort. Scarpa Laser (AT boot) $200. These have seen a lot of action but they still got a lot of use left in them. They come with a heat molded liner that hasn't been molded yet. Sz 9 Just let me know here if interested. I can post some photos too if needed.
  13. For Sale: BD Vipers

    I've got a pair of Black Diamond Vipers (old style) for sale, both w/hammers, viper strike, and fang attachments. They also come with a pair of android leashes that brand new, I never used 'em. I am asking $300 for them, but that includes shipping. They are well used, but in very good shape and they still have lots of mileage left in them. They are a great all-around leashless ice tool. Send me a PM or leave a message here. Thanks. J. J. Sill
  14. All prices are negotiable, make an offer! The Ice 9000's are a screamin deal, they've never been touched.
  15. bump, someone buy my shit.
  16. Skiing ability of a Ski Patroller?

    To echo what other people have said. A very good attitude and a strong mountaineering background will put you well ahead of other folks who are trying to get on as ski patrollers. There is a lot of grunt work and shitty people(customers) you have to deal with. Being able to suffer though and evening shift in the rain with people bitching at you is a tuff skill, if you can make it through that and still smile then you've got it made.
  17. I'd recommend taking your hiking shoes up the route with you, you could walk down in your rock shoes, but it would kinda suck. We didn't take a pack and just clipped our shit to our harnesses. Only on the last pitch does anything hanging on your harness get in the way. At that point I just hung my shoes/water/helmet from my belay loop on a sling.
  18. Granite family coming home, for good.

    I'll tango with you hot stuff
  19. I've got a Arc'teryx Sigma SV jacket, size Mens Medium in the Salsa color for sale. I only used it a couple of times last winter. I'm asking $165 for it (less than half of the retail price), plus 10 bucks UPS shipping. It's basically in new condition. Just PM me if interested.
  20. crossfithel bbq/open house

    I totally agree with what Marcus and others have had to say on this. Going to the classes can be very benificial, especially if you are new to a lot of the olympic lifts, but for the self motivated, in a few months you can aquire most of the equipment that you would need. This being said, you can do a large amount of CF type workouts without lifting a single weight or using any equipment other than a hangboard/pull-up bar.
  21. Solo TRing with a Mini Traxion

    Using a single toothed device as your only attachment point to the rope is considered to be a bad idea by many, though you don't hear too many horror stories. You see a lot of folks doing it, (i've used the mini traxion set up a fair bit myself) but you can severely damage the rope with a suprisingly low amount of force. I like the ushba basic. It slides up the rope smoothly and has no teeth. I was kind of snail-eyed the first couple of times I used it, but it works.
  22. Falcons on Midnight Rock

    Unbelievable. Sounds like the closure is well posted as it is every year. Fucking morons.