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  1. Mont Blanc in April/May

  2. Recomended Avalanche Books

    "The Avalanche Handbook" is a very good resource. It's a lot more technical than some of the other books out there, but it is quite comprehensive. Some well respected university snow science and engineering programs use it as one of their text books.
  3. BUMP. Make an offer! I gotta get rid of this shit.
  4. AT Bindings Silvretta 500, sz SM, fits up to about a US 9 -used, but in good shape- $100 Silvrett 300, osfa -oldy but a goody- $60 AT Boots Scarpa Spiret 3, sz 27 mondopoint -as good as new- $275 Mtneering Boots Vasque Ice 9000, sz 41 Euro -new, unused- $100 You pay shipping-I don't live in WA (about 10 bucks) reasonable offers considered PM me for picks
  5. All Checks a Go

    I thought that was Tackle when I looked at the first couple of pictres, pretty funny. Nice stache.
  6. Umbilical set-up?

    I havn't had that happen before, but if if I'm plunging with them, then I don't have the thing clipped to the spike. Also, I added a bunch of tape to the biner to make it a bit wider, so it isn't possible for it to flip. But in any event, the Nano biners seem to have worked better than anything else out there for me, for a full strength biner.
  7. Umbilical set-up?

    The tiny Camp biners seem to work pretty well, I can't remember what they are called. I replaced the stock biners on the grivel tethers with the camp and they are a lot easier to use with gloves on. They are small enough where they don't flip in front of the pomel on the new BD tools and are still full strengh biners. The bd proto seems quite promising, I've liked it more than the grivel, for what its worth, but the majority of the time I don't use tethers at all.
  8. Tech Tip

    Yeah, a real biner attached to your harness, just like an ice clipper is pretty reliable. Probably not as user friendly, but you're most likely not going to break it.
  9. where does one sport climb in december (USA)?

    Vegas. Pretty reliable weather through December, it can be a bit chilly, but not bad. Many of the good crags are south facing. The only bummer is the concentration camp style BLM campsite.
  10. Recently, companies have been rather quick to yank pro deals from vendors, guide services, university outdoor programs, and even avalanche centers. I don't really have a problem with people trying to circumvent high retail prices, but I would recommend being as discreet as possible about it.
  11. For Sale: New/Unused pair of Vasque Ice 9000 double boots. Come with heat molded liner. Sz Euro 41. $150- shipping included.
  12. All prices are negotiable, make an offer! The Ice 9000's are a screamin deal, they've never been touched.