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wondering... take it easy... just a question


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i'm curious. I’ve been a climber - not "hiker" since 1985. just relocated to the NW and found this site because of the "news". back in the day - a good friend and climbing partner (everest) once told me. "if i'm ever lost get the guys together and come get me" the last person in the world i want looking for me is SAR. look's like that is not the sentiment here in the NW. care to comment?

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thanks. like i said it was just a question. in utah - the SAR consisted of sheriffs and off duty highway patrolmen with a backpack. seems to be more sophisticated up here. good to know. blue skies just south of Portland – my best to the SAR going up tomorrow.

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You have a friend named Everest? Cool!


I agree with that philosophy. From what I have seen in the northwest, umm how shall I say it without pissing off everyone..let's just say big egos may interfere with effective SAR. And a whole lot of beuarocracy.


I'd rather my buddies did it so they don't sit around waiting for official approvals and all that governement crap that prevents someone from just plain going up and getting the job done.


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There is a HUGE difference between driving in one's car on public highways and climbing a snow covered mountain in early winter.

Nonetheless, I always carry a cell phone, a CB radio, chains for all four wheels, flares, flashlights, tow strap, etc in my 4WD pickup year around. I have helped several people out of ditches and up steep hills.

If I were a hunter (I'm not) and drove the mountain backroads of Oregon (I don't) in the fall and winter, I'd be sure to have a GPS unit and I wouldn't travel alone.


I just don't understand the mindset of someone who takes the kind of risk involved in summiting Mt. Hood in the winter and doesn't take an MLU with them. Cell phones have been proven to be of intermittent value and after several days, no good at all due to battery life.


Is there a logical reason to not take an MLU on a climb or is it just machismo?



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Sure, this one works. If you haven't registered before, then sorry, but I'm not convinced. Your timing and attitude is too much of a coincidence.



My thoughts are this:

You have to rent/buy one, which for me is inconvenient since I come from the other side of the mountain and Government Camp is out of the way (G.C. is the only place you can rent them 24/7).

Look at the statistics sometime for how many people climb Hood and then compare that with how many people would have actually been better off with a MLU. Pretty slim chance, and it's just a personal decision whether or not you want to take that chance. If the rescue ethic is maintained of not putting the SAR folks in danger any more than they would be if they just went out for a weekend outing (which most of them do for fun anyway), then there is typically no harm done (to anyone but yourself) and little cost above and beyond what would normally have to be incurred as a result of being rescued with the MLU. So there's the odds / personal choice argument against it.

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if i brought all the safety gizmos they sell out there to cover every possible situation i'd be doing day climbs with 80lbs of crap on my back. and this creates it's own set of hazards by moving slow and moving clumsy. the slower you go the more you are exposed to rock fall, avalanches,losing balance or purchase as well as the constant ticking clock of warming snow/ice which makes punching through a hidden crevasse,ect. more likely too.


there are reasons people don't bring all this stuff. and believe it or not ...it's for their own safety!!!!


climbing is often a trade off of risks.

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why can't some people just give it a break until this is over. As fern stated there's plenty of this in the archives.


if phil is a troll then i hope someone puts a boot up his ass but there are allot of non climbers here right now getting info and a little education is not a bad thing.

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