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  1. I was camping at Illumination saddle a few years ago, and decided to dig up some snow to melt for water. Well, that seems fine and all, and as I dug a small pit to get my snow ( you know, that surface snow is shit, so I wanted "older" snow to melt) I found a "blue bag" full of feces. I had already been brewing up the snow into water at that point. I swear, after I found that, my nalgene smelled like I was huffing a Jenkem bag. I gagged with every drink. BTW, if you piss on anything on the west side of Hood, it goes into the Sandy River. Not like that matters anyways, since I piss in the Sandy when I go fishing around Dodge Park... And I am not the only one.
  2. Yeah, well, you know there is a stairway and a door on the upper level that is accessible from where the old pit toilets where. I wonder if that door is locked too? If not, there ya go.
  3. They lock it now? Hmm... I was up there around this time last winter, and they had signs up about the reservation system, but the cabin was unlocked like it always has been in the past.
  4. I just looked at that Spark Boot. Sweet. Finally someone is doing it. But unlike you, I prefer the hard boot. I feel that I am more connected to my ride in my AT boots. I do not miss that sloppy soft boot feel. That shit is for the pipe and park riders. For serious big mountain riders, the AT or hard boot is the best choice. But then again, these are just Opinions. Yours might vary.
  5. LOL!!! I didn't make it. They sell it. But I did have to do some modifications to my existing splitboard. It originally was a S-Series that I re drilled for the Voile pucks and used a MTN plate set up. The Scarpa Denali series of boots are what I rock. They have a full vibram sole, use step in crampons, and hike OK. I like the way they ride too.
  6. Meh.... Go with AT boots!!! WAAAAAYYY better than any strap set up... Plus, easy in and out of the bindings. One lever flip ant they are on or off...
  7. I am glad to hear that I am not alone. Ever since the Douchpatrol at meadows threatened to call the Sheriff on me and my buddy for skinning up, I vow I will never give those fuckers any of my money ever again. No one has said anything when I have skinned up either at ski bowl or Timberline...
  8. BD Packs suck for carrying a snowboard. Period. Maybe in an a-frame with the split split, but not in board mode. I use a Dakine Poacher which can carry a board in both split mode, and board mode very well. about 38L in capacity, and holds my Voile shovel very well, as well as slots for Ice axe etc. and hydration sleeve in the should strap. I also use a Dakine Heli Pro for day trips which has the same features but a smaller capacity. Sort of heavy, but gets the job done nicely for me.
  9. A spot familiar to most who has slimbed anything on the west side.
  10. Well, it's all covered in snow, finally.
  11. In a whiteout, yes. On a nice day, you'd have a hard time getting a fresh line if you use a "glisse descent device"... (read: ski or snowboard) Just curious, where they attempting a climb of the Coe Headwall, or did the victim fall from snowdome down to the Coe? The news report did not specify. Sorry to hear of the accident.
  12. I usually wash off and then spray a bit of WD40 to my crampons after ever outing. That way I avoid some rust etc. I do the same with my axe/tools. Skis and snowboards, I just iron on a thick layer of all temp wax and do not scrape it off so it will keep the bases from drying out. Skins get a layer of glop stopper skin wax, and I try to clean out all the crap (rocks, sand needles etc) from the glue bases, and store them in my basement where it tends to be cooler, nice and glue sides touching. I do not use a skin saver, but some people prefer to, since it makes pulling the skins apart easier. Ropes, Ummm, they sit in the bottom of a rubbermaid bin with all the other crap on top.
  13. I hit him in the side of his head with a shovel back in Jr. High. Seriously.
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