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  1. best of cc.com Mt. Hood events speculation

    Yeah, BUMP!
  2. Death

    Especially for mountain 'hikers' who don't carry MLU's.
  3. How did cc.com miss this one!?!?!?!

    Anyone want to see a picture of her 'getting pregnant' in the middle of a climb?
  4. Duke Rape Case Speculation Thread

    The whole sordid tale can be read on this website: http://johnsville.blogspot.com/ Crystal Gail Mangum is a lying, dirty rotten whore.
  5. best of cc.com Mt. Hood events speculation

    Damn, didn't work.
  6. Wy'East from Meadows or Timberline?

    The reason Meadows' ski patrol gets so crazy is due to the few idiots who have intentionally skiid out of bounds and gotten lost, prompting a search for their sorry asses. Some have sued Meadows and actually won settlements for their own stupidity.
  7. Liddell vs Ortiz Predictions..

    Well, who won? Did Whitey beat The Spic?
  8. Saddam Stretched

    Too bad the tornado missed!
  9. Moderate Moderators Moderating other Moderates

    Big Jugs for all... http://www.clipstr.com/videos/Unexpectedbigjugs/

    Hi, I'm Seahawks clone!
  11. Dying is NOT worth it.

  12. Bacon will be good Thursday and Friday...

    [font:Comic Sans MS] IT'S BACON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![/font]
  13. Climber's Banned from Climbing

    Starting 1, January 2007 the rangers will be frisking all climers for firearms. There has been some "chatter" that climbers are more prone to suicide. In an effort to reduce deaths, the rangers will be frisking all climbers at mountain trailheads for firearms between the hours of 10:00AM to 2:00PM M-F. Please note that frisking will be on a co-ed basis. All weapons confiscated will not be returned and you will need to pay for this. Have a good day. The chatter is correct. Anyone who climbs Mt. Hood without an MLU is definitely suicidal. It sure is a shame the three climbers hated life so much they chose to commit suicide in that manner.
  14. my nose hurts

    I do my best nosepicking when I'm driving. And, I drive a convertible.