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Beware this buyer/seller


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I ran into this crook last year on this site and got sucked into selling a sleeping bag to him. I typically have faith in the climbing community and was willing to work out a payment deal based on trust. After a couple of cordial e-mails, he even called me to thank me for being a "climbing brother."




For awhile, I got the same excuses as noted by others regarding payment. You cannot believe ANYTHING this SOB says! I got several stories about his heartaches causing delayed payment, none of which later proved to be true. Well, I'm a good guy and willing to trust but I like to think I'm just a cut above ordinary stupid. If I get jamnmed, I get royally pissed! I decided I was going to find this guy.


I spent quite a few hours trying to track him down as e-mail replies got fewer and excuses got thinner - I'm from back East, so had to use all kinds of internet searches and several telephone calls.


Finally, I found him by calling several people in Yelm area with similar names and close to the address ARC gave me when I shipped the sleeping bag. I left voice messages and I got a telephone call back from a relative! This relative may have been ARC's Father or ex-Father-in-law - cannot remember.


Anyway, this relative was very cooperative and apologetic. He told me that he would get to ARC and I would get my money or get my sleeping back.


I told the relative I had already called the local cops and FBI regarding internet fraud (which I had). I also noted that I was ready to come out there (which I honestly was) to either get my money back or kick ARC's behind - at that point, I really didn't much care which!


Shortly, I got an e-mail from ARC saying my sleeping bag would be back in my hands in 3 days - and I got it undamaged.


ATTENTION: Don't believe a word ARC says regarding his having been a guide, having a wife, having children or looking for or having a job - this is all a load of crap!!! Relative told me none of this stuff is true. Maybe sometime in the past but not when I called. Relative, who seemed decent and responsible said he was putting ARC up for the time being.




BE AWARE: ARC also uses aliases, one of which is Joey.


Hope this helps. Ignore this butt-head and save yourself a lot of trouble.


MODERATORS: Can't you simply DELETE any posts from ARC?





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maybe helping out Fos1 would be a good thing to do since you already have made contact with relatives. Also, if you now know his name, then another report to the local police and internet police may be in order? Can we stap a-holes like this from getting on this site? Obviously not the first time this has happened.....Also, posting his real name would be beneficial even if he is using aliases to help others in the future...

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Still huntin' ARC!


Nothing new, really, but here is some data from cc.com site:


** ARC registered on 9/15/05; 500+ posts to date


** Member # 9175


** Last post - 11/29/06


** ARC listed a homepage but it is bogus as far as info on him


If anyone looks up his posts, many of them are self-depreciating - tells us something about him! Like many, funny at first until one starts to add up info - like a lot of "whacko's", I suppose - clues are there 'cause this is a real game for him.



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Dan ****** = Jose Cruz


edit by olybot.

Nope. Not the same person. I've met both.


About a year ago I bought some used Rossignol Scratch BCs from ARC ("Joe" at the time). I drove to Olympia late one afternoon to meet him and alas, he couldn't meet until early the next morning ("My life is so out of control right now!" "Uh-huh."). I got the same song and dance about him being kicked out of the house by his GF, he lost his job and just needed to start over, blah-blah-blah. The $500 I paid him was going to go a long ways in helping him out. "Thanks Brother."


Everything I have read here all adds up about this cat. I wish I had more personal info on him, but I don't. He was driving a dark blue Civic at the time with Washington plates. The deal we had included some brand new skins. Well, wouldn't you know, he forgot them. "I'll send them to you, buddy." You guessed it, I never saw the skins. I feel your pain. Good luck.

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Trying to recall the 5 minute meeting a year ago...he was about 5'9" 150lbs. He looked to be in his late twenties, possibly early thirties, light brown hair. He had a darker complection which could have been from being out in the sun or perhaps his alleged hispanic ancestry. He was wearing a red/black MHW Windstopper jacket and Levis. Seemed fairly normal once we finally got around to meeting.

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He used to email me constantly...he finally stopped after not getting any response. He was super creapy!


I agree, girlfriend. He has bothered me incessantly, but that is because I'm super-hot. Even the J Lo can't resist me.


I tell them all, "DO NOT TOUCH THE MANGO!", but this Arc is persistant!





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