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    Sad news coming

    (This post is a letter to Mizuki from Bill Donnelly, in Ohio, who was a climbing partner with Mizuki on a recent trip - Bill does not have a computer, so I am posting for him. Bill wrote this after learning of Mizuki's death. It is his way of saying goodbye.) Mizuki: I've known you such a short time that this is only my third letter to you. I hope my last one got to you before you left for Alaska. When I first met you in Ouray in March, I was intrigued by your quietude and your brief, honest words. After ice climbing with you and having meals with you for those few days I became more intrigued: your deep passion; your quiet fire; your break from Japan; your slightly altered English; and, your living spirit. I know you died doing what you love doing, Mizuki, but I'm sure that is of little consolation for you as well as the rest of us who miss you. I am sorry for the mountains you will not get to climb. I am sorry we will not get to climb together at Red Rocks Nevada late this Summer, like we had planned. I am sorry for not getting the chance to love you from afar. I know, in some sense, your spirit lives on, Mizuki, but yours was a life unfinished and a life full of "forward." Your leaving is quite simply a loss - for you, for all of us. Thank you for allowing me to connect with you. Goodbye, Mizuki. Bill
  2. kola

    Sad news coming

    I wanted to join the rest of you who knew Mizuki and extend my thoughts and wishes to you in memory of her. I'm an outsider to the Northwest climbing community but I shared Mizuki with you. I climbed with Mizuki, and her friend, Anne, (along with a friend of mine), for a week in Ouray this past March. I met Mizuki over the internet when she responded to an open invitation I had posted on a few climbing sites about a trip to Ouray. Mizuki said she had injured her leg and was not able to make the Colorado trip she had joined earlier. She thought she would be recovered enough for my March trip to give Ouray a shot. After several e-mails about getting the trip together, we finally hooked-up in Ouray several weeks later when I picked Mizuki and Anne up at the Montrose airport. In the car ride to the motel in Ouray, Mizuki seemed unexpectedly reserved and I wondered to myself what kind of week it would be. The first few hours of the trip were awkward. Our e-mails had been brief and centered mostly on logistics, with a little discussion here and there about what we might want to climb. I am a detail-guy and was continuously updating her on how plans were developing. In what I am sure was an unintended way, Mizuki made it clear that she cared little for details; all she wanted to do was climb - anything!!! all day!!! every day!!! During the course of the week as our party of four climbed together and lived together, I think I got to know her much better and was impressed by her passion for climbing. Unlike many climbers I meet, Mizuki was aware of climbing history and tradition. She was an adventurer at heart, fully into the current one and always looking forward to the next one, including Denali. I was also captivated by her warmth, her sense of humor and wonderful smile: her whole face lighting up, eyes matching mouth in a broad grin over my poorly told jokes and silly antics. Mizuki and I talked only a little about her leaving Japan but I sensed a sadness about some things left behind, unresolved. During some of our casual monents in Ouray, when she and I talked about some of her climbs, Mizuki talked mostly about her partners, not the routes. For those who knew her, she displayed a certain joy in remembering climbing with you and her memories were first and foremost of her personal experiences with you. Her partners must have touched the same spark that lay within her. I've seen reports regarding the accident on Denali that Mizuki met her partner over the internet. That is not surprising - it's the same way I met her. She was confident in her climbing skills, she seemed to know how to keep herself safe and I never saw her cut any corners. She was strong and determined. Who knows what happened on Denali? The only thing I feel certain about is that Mizuki knew what she was doing up in the hills. I remember saying good-bye to Mizuki at the Montrose airport - this time very different from when we said hello, just a week earlier. We promised to climb again with each other, sometime, somewhere, maybe rock climbing, probably Ouray next year. In April, I got an e-mail from Mizuki asking if I wanted to meet her at Red Rocks in September. Again, no details, just "... airfares are cheap so, let's do it!" I immediately said OK and marked the dates on my calendar. She said she would get back in touch after Denali - I wished her luck in Alaska and asked her to remember to always climb safe. The good-bye in Montrose was said to a climbing partner. The "good-bye" said today is to a sister. Like each of you, I'm left feeling a heavy loss, an irreplacable loss. The short time that I knew Mizuki, memories were made that will last - for me, they will last as long as Denali lasts. I won't see her in September but I am going to keep those dates that are written on my calendar so that I can see them - and, remember. Peace, Mizuki. Tom
  3. *** Starting a new thread so previous one does not get buried *** ATTENTION: ARC IS A REPEAT CRIMINAL SCAM ARTIST!!! He has been using cc.com to get goods and money. He has no intention of paying. ADVICE: NEVER DO ANY KIND OF BUSINESS OR COMMUNICATION WITH THIS CREEP! SHUT THIS A-HOLE DOWN! NOTE: He uses real-life aliases but his real name may be JOSE CRUZ. He may also identify himself as Joe or Joey. He has told others he is from New York. CC.COM INFO: Registered on 9/16/05. Member No. 9175 LOCATION: Has been listing his address as Yelm, Washington BUT HE MAY NOW BE IN OREGON HE IS KNOWN TO HAVE RECENTLY MOVED I have located other people in Yelm, Washington (not cc.com climbers, etc.) who have described him as "predatory." He typically presents himself as a nice, coooperative, humorous, decent person in order to work his way into someone's life, often via internet. If any suspicion is cast on him and/or if he sets up new scam, he immediately disappears and goes to where he will be unknown. Then, he starts a new scam. As for any reasons and/or excuses for not paying for something you may try to buy from him or sell to him, please note I have so far found out that: *he is not married; *he has no known children; *he has no regular job - gets money from people by doing odd-jobs, etc; *he was never a climbing guide; *any family member may or may not be alive, well, ill or ... *uses this an an excuse for not paying for gear *he has/had a cell phone *any address listed is NOT his own or if it is, he is supported by someone else *he disappears as soon as he gets another scam going in a community NB: ANYONE IN WASHINGTON WHO HAS BEEN SCAMMED BY ARC SHOULD CALL LAW ENFORCEMENT. IT WILL TAKE FILING A COMPLAINT WITH YOUR LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY TO INITIATE A CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION. (This is what I learned while getting my goods back from ARC)
  4. Still huntin' ARC! Nothing new, really, but here is some data from cc.com site: ** ARC registered on 9/15/05; 500+ posts to date ** Member # 9175 ** Last post - 11/29/06 ** ARC listed a homepage but it is bogus as far as info on him If anyone looks up his posts, many of them are self-depreciating - tells us something about him! Like many, funny at first until one starts to add up info - like a lot of "whacko's", I suppose - clues are there 'cause this is a real game for him. JUST BE CAREFUL!!!!
  5. ARC WARNING!!! I ran into this crook last year on this site and got sucked into selling a sleeping bag to him. I typically have faith in the climbing community and was willing to work out a payment deal based on trust. After a couple of cordial e-mails, he even called me to thank me for being a "climbing brother." WARNING: DO NOT GO THERE WITH THIS CREEP! For awhile, I got the same excuses as noted by others regarding payment. You cannot believe ANYTHING this SOB says! I got several stories about his heartaches causing delayed payment, none of which later proved to be true. Well, I'm a good guy and willing to trust but I like to think I'm just a cut above ordinary stupid. If I get jamnmed, I get royally pissed! I decided I was going to find this guy. I spent quite a few hours trying to track him down as e-mail replies got fewer and excuses got thinner - I'm from back East, so had to use all kinds of internet searches and several telephone calls. Finally, I found him by calling several people in Yelm area with similar names and close to the address ARC gave me when I shipped the sleeping bag. I left voice messages and I got a telephone call back from a relative! This relative may have been ARC's Father or ex-Father-in-law - cannot remember. Anyway, this relative was very cooperative and apologetic. He told me that he would get to ARC and I would get my money or get my sleeping back. I told the relative I had already called the local cops and FBI regarding internet fraud (which I had). I also noted that I was ready to come out there (which I honestly was) to either get my money back or kick ARC's behind - at that point, I really didn't much care which! Shortly, I got an e-mail from ARC saying my sleeping bag would be back in my hands in 3 days - and I got it undamaged. ATTENTION: Don't believe a word ARC says regarding his having been a guide, having a wife, having children or looking for or having a job - this is all a load of crap!!! Relative told me none of this stuff is true. Maybe sometime in the past but not when I called. Relative, who seemed decent and responsible said he was putting ARC up for the time being. BOTTOM LINE: ARC IS A SCAMMER FROM THE MINUTE HE POSTS ANYTHING ABOUT BUYING OR SELLING OR EVEN SAYS A SINGLE WORD!!! BE AWARE: ARC also uses aliases, one of which is Joey. Hope this helps. Ignore this butt-head and save yourself a lot of trouble. MODERATORS: Can't you simply DELETE any posts from ARC?
  6. Still have the ice screws? Reply here or morninggloryfarm7@hotmail.com Thanks
  7. BD Sphynx??? What size...model year...$$$ Thanks
  8. Roger that. This guy wanted to buy tools from me but I couln't sell for what he wanted to pay. I don't know him but I hope the sale works for you. Regards
  9. Do you still have the ice tools? There is a guy who has been trying to pm you but can't make it work who DEFINITELY IS INTERESTED. Will you contact him? Here he is: stevenjfrisch@yahoo.com Thanks
  10. Noted you sale of Black Prophets. Still f.s., If yes: 1. straight or bent shaft? (per BD, BP carbon fiber used ONLY on bent shaft) 2. description of wear and tear? 3. how often used? sharpened? 4. please send pics to morninggloryfarm7@hotmail.com 5. Least amount you would take? Thanks
  11. Hi: I have a Granite Gear Precipice that I bought in 1/05 ('04 model). 2700 cu.in.; REGULAR torso - mine is about 18 1/2"; Rex-Twill fabric (Granite Gear's own); top-loader w/ extension and overflow strap - for a rope; haul loop; 2 ice tool loops; 2 rows of daisy chains; sternum strap; floating top lid; back panel hydration sleeve; top pocket. Full back panel with some kind of micro____ on top of it and same for shoulder straps and waist belt. All foam is reasonably firm and waist belt is countoured. This is a straightforward pack, no fancy stuff but sturdy and comfortable. I chose this pack after researching because of reviews and Granite Gear's rep for making bomber stuff. Got it for rock climbing but I've used it only twice and that was to carry gear to the bottom of the crag where it sat - got a rope bag, as that's all I really need for around here and haven't used Precipice since. Can see pic of it on www.granitegear I can e-mail you a pic if you are interested. Just need your e-mail address, as I don't know how to post pic on this site. The bag is practically "as new." $65, including shipping if you are in U.S. Regards, Tom
  12. Guess what, mine have them! Or, I'm dreamim'! Maybe we have a semantics error. On my Coupler, there are 2 triangular flaps attached to the end seam on each side of the main canopy, front and rear. There are "O" rings sewn at the bottom. Using stakes, I could open these flaps up or bring them to the middle and essentially close both ends - there is no zipper but I think it will close enough to keep inside protected. No need for any modification, as that's how it came. That's why it could be used as stand alone shelter that is reasonable weather resistant - for a floor-less structure. One thing for sure, it would be a heck of a lot better that the last open bivi I had....... Anyway, PaulO, hope your works well enough that you don't need an umbrella inside. If anyone's listening, take heart, the Coupler will work for just about anything you want.
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