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  1. Getting rid of a few things that I don't need anymore...all of it is in great shape. Hopefully it will all find a good home! 7 BD Express Ice Screws in new condition, sharp and well cared for- 25$each -4x19cm Turbo Express -1x22cm Turbo Express -1x13cm Express -1x10cm Turbo Express 1 MSR Waterworks Water Filtration System-50$ this is the kind that screws onto a Nalgene -lightly used, lots of life left in the filter. 1 Metolius "Simulator" Training Board-50$ used for 1 week...condition is as new 1 Pair of La Sportiva Olympus Mons Evo High Altitude Mountaineering boots-(900$ New!!)-a few light scuffs, but practically new, Size 43-350$ 1 MEC Water Bladder pack-20$ Fits a 2+ liter bladder and a few extra pockets, roughly the dimensions of a BD Bullet pack but thinner. Great for multi pitching 1 100m x 8.5mm bi-pattern dynamic rope. Manufactured by Scottish company -"Cairngorm" this unique rope changes pattern at the 50m mark. Can be folded to make two 50m half ropes for ice and rock or used as a single mountaineering rope. Used four times, like new. -70$ 1 50m x 10.5mm Mammut Flash climbing rope. Used twice, great for top roping or as a lead rope for walls. Burly! Like new. 50$ BD Lynx Snow Shovel, aluminum blade, non-telescoping 25$ TONS OF BOOKS!!! All Book in new or Mint condition unless noted, some never used!... 2008 AAJ+Accidents in mountaineering 20$ Seneca Rock Climbers Guide 10$ Skaha Rock Climbs 20$ BC(Canada)Alpine Select 20$ North Selkirks(Canada) Climbing Guide 20$ Bariloche(Argentina) Vertical, a local sport Crag Climbing Guide 10$ Falcon Guide "Rock Climbing Arizona" 15$ Mountaineers Books "Alaska Climbing Guide" 15$ Cascade Alpine Guide- Rainy Pass to Fraser River (Red Beckey) 20$ Mountaineers Books "Big Wall Climbing-Elite Technique" 15$ West Coast Ice (Covers South West BC) 20$ Mendoza(Argentina) climbing Guide, the guide for Los Arenales 15$ New River Rock climbing guide 20$ Mark Twights "Extreme Alpinism" 15$ Mountaineering-The Freedom of the Hills 6th edition 20$ Falcon Books "How To Ice Climb" by Craig Luebben 10$ Super Topo's Alaska Climbing Guide 20$ Elaho Publishing "The Bugaboos" climbing guide 20$ Mountaineers Books "Extreme Rock and Ice, 25 of the worlds greatest climbs", a stunning coffee table book in mint condition. 35$ Tony Daffern's "Avalanche Safety for Skiers and Climbers" a definitive look at avy science and skills. 15$ Mountaineers Books 50 Favorite Climbs-The Ultimate North American Tick List, By Mark Kroese. Another Lovely Coffee table book...shows a bit of wear on the spine. 25$ Mountaineers Book's: "Climbers Guide to the Olympic Mountains of Washington" 3rd edition. 10$ "The High Altitude Medicine Handbook" a small pocket book of essential info on altitude illnesses and their treatment. 10$ Please send a PM or email me at avitripp@gmail.com to ask any questions or make offers. Thanks! Shipping not included....I am glad to ship or deliver from a location near you to keep costs down.
  2. Jesus, did you guys think I was serious? I'm not sorry at all! Sharma is the shit! I'll kill anyone who says otherwise. Bill, I work maybe 3 months a year...when I'm feeling like keeping busy, If anything I should be climbing way harder...and I'm not Canadian by birth, I fled the crumbling, destitute land of my birth many years ago due to political strife. Happily, using my, heh heh, "Citizenship" I still receive large sums of grant money from the taxpayers of said country that I'll never have to pay back so that I can go on extended road trips! What a bunch of suckers eh?! BTW... Bill how do you feel about Nosler reloads? Yea or Nay?
  3. Are you going to Rope-Up Rudy? It'll be super fun!
  4. man that shit looks steep Darryl! is that you!? heres one of mine!
  5. but my feelings were hurt! ps SHARMA!!!!!1111
  6. today some of you were very mean spirited on my Sharma thread and you hurt my feelings. ps I'm sorry about threatening to kill you all too. I'm glad we could talk!
  7. that was some serious fun. did you see the 24 hr page? I pwned it!
  8. FUCK YEAH GO SHARMA! I LOVE YOU CHRIS! SHARMA RULES! WOOOOOOOOOOT!!!1111111 SHARMA! [img:center]http://www.climbing.com/photo-video/av/ChrisSharma-byCoreyRich-07.gif[/img]
  9. This Wednesday and Thursday...stay tuned to the El Cap Report on the Taco! Use the Force Chris!
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