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  1. [TR] Colchuk Peak - North Ridge 6/2/2007

    Nice work man!! Don't listen to Craig. He and Kat and I once climbed a west face instead of south on accident. And then spent 10 hours desencing and reascending the wrong drainage. Good times
  2. COOK

    Now I see what I didn't notice before
  3. COOK

    Are we sure of this? Looks a little feminine.
  4. COOK

    I also miss Oly like this obviously male dinosaur misses his extinct friends and neighbors. Also: I do have the ability to fill a beer growler (or milk jug) with beer-liquid
  5. COOK

    ...more than a robot misses the opportunity to take over humankind when that opportunity has passed
  6. COOK

    I miss you more than a (carnivorous) dinosaur misses dinosaur flesh when he or she is trapped in a tarpit
  7. Jessie, it is good to see you here!
  8. [TR] Colchuck Peak - All To Ourvselves 5/6/2007

    Nice job Craig. I was up yesterday and today, looks like we just missed eachother. By this afternoon they had the trees on the road cleared and were agressively working on the mudslide area. Sould be up on time. Kevino, we need to drink beer soon!!
  9. 5.10 Galileos, sz. 11 1/2 - $60.00

    Did you guys know Dave Marrs did the art on that placemat?
  10. 5.10 Galileos, sz. 11 1/2 - $60.00

  11. 5.10 Galileos, sz. 11 1/2 - $60.00

    how much for the placemat only?
  12. hippie

    Kat is right, we need more people for our band. I am playing a ukelle(sp?) and think the dirty hippie band is the future of music.
  13. hippie

    1. Cut Hair 2. Get Job 3. Not a hippie I heard you like books about vampires.
  14. hippie

    Kat you are a Hippie.