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  1. Skis on Sisters Traverse?

    well, I've skied the south ridge of Middle (some great lines there!) and the south route of South before, but it has been a bit earlier in the year both times (Memorial Day weekend, i believe). Thanks for the input, I'll probably leave them at home.
  2. Skis on Sisters Traverse?

    I'm planning on an attempt at traversing the sisters somewhere between July 12-18 (not marathon-style, but in two days) and am curious if it is even worth it to take skis along on the trip. I have sworn to myself that I would never again descend a mellow volcanic route without skis, but I also don't want to drag along extra weight that won't get used . . . anybody have any experience on these routes recently? Thanks, david
  3. Orthopedic Surgeon (knee) Recommendations

    I'll second gruntpltleader's suggestion to beef up your legs before surgery - it really helps. At 27, i've had both of my ACL's replaced (former ski racer and pro patroller) so i feel your pain (well, probably more frustration than pain at this point). I would also say to get a road bike after surgery (if you don't already have one) and ride it as much as possible when you're ok to ride. the constant motion loosens up your knee and it's great low-impact strength conditioning for your legs. If at all possible, try and get your doc to write a prescription for one I had a friend have one covered with his insurance (i wasn't so lucky). Best of luck to you, just take it easy afterward and don't go dancing the week after you get cut.
  4. Stabs at Musicians

    how do you know when the person kissing you plays the French Horn? He sticks his hand up your arse.
  5. Mountain Gear and Mammut are putting on a couple of free beacon clinics this Saturday at 49 Degrees North. There will be two sessions, one from 10-12, and one from 12:30-2:30. These will be presented by Chris Utzinger, an avalanche rescue trainer for the National Ski Patrol. We will also have a number of the new Pulse Barryvoxes to try out. Come up to the mountain and refresh your searching skills before the season really gets underway!! Cheers, david
  6. snoboy is right, too. if you use rechargeable batteries in your beacon, you'll get a high battery-life indicator for almost the entire life of the battery, then it will suddenly fail. What this means is that if your beacon has a percentage-type indicator when you turn it on, it will read 95% or something similarly high for a LONG time, then all of a sudden you'll run out of juice. NOT what you want to have happen with a beacon.
  7. What?

    hippo birdie two ewe hippo birdie two ewe hippo birdie deer Knotzen hippo birdie two ewe happy birthday from the entire animal kingdom.
  8. City of Rocks Memorial Day Weekend

    did anybody actually stick around to climb at all this weekend? We bailed sunday, climbed at Black Cliffs in Boise monday in beautiful sunshine (bolted cracks - i thought i was in Austria). i didn't want to leave, it was my first time there and the formations were amazing! BUTT the weather . . . . hopefully next time will be a bunch better . . .
  9. Mangina

    you know how your mom warned you that your face would stay that way if you made that nasty face too long? Well mangina is a direct result of "tucking" too long. it just gets stuck back there. or so i hear - umm, er . . . . .
  10. City of Rocks Memorial Day Weekend

    if the noise from the group sites at the campground is bothering you folks, come on over and drink a beer with us. I think there's going to be quite the group of climbers over in the group area - should be a good time. See y'all there!
  11. Advice on Avalanche Beacons Please

    if you're looking for a comparison of different beacons, check out www.mountainlife.us. On the menu Tabs up top, go to Consulting, then Avalanches, then Avalanch Tranceivers. You'll find a chart with all the important data laid out for you for all the major players on the market. The entire site is affiliated with Barryvox, but this chart is unbiased and will provide you with some good info.
  12. Sausagefest -05

    and why must you mess with the mothers?!?!?!? Frank has passed, but he gave us SO much!!!
  13. Sausagefest -05

    um . . . . .a merkin is a pubic wig . . . not a duel of any sort. . .. .merkin is well paired with the term "quim", which is another anitiquated term for the female genitals . happy weekend to you all.
  14. Kashmir Fund Raiser - Film Screening , Portland

    i was talking to a non-climber after the show, who was asking me if The Optimist (the beth & tommy show) was a spoof or not. lay-person stranger: "so . . .you go out and try to climb the same piece of rock over and over for 6 weeks until you get up???" lame-ass climber (yours truly): "er . . . well, 'ya see, those were PROFESSIONAL climbers, they really don't have much else to do but climb, see." lady "so, that's what REAL climbers do, then?" me (not wanting at all to start the trad ethic vs. stick-clip argument that's currently raging in my head) "well, i guess if you want to climb something that ridiculously hard it takes a lot of practice" lady "Well, if they're professionals, why does she need to practice for 6 WEEKS just to climb that one run?!?!?!" me (eyes darting around for some back-up, starting to feel a little uncomfortable) "duhhhhhhh . . . ya see, the moves are very technical, and you need to . . um . . .conserve energy . . and . . ." perturbed lady "well, it sure as hell doesn't look like any fun to me!" me (finally able to agree) "no, you sure won't ever find me spending a month an a half working a proj like that" lady "you people are WHACKO!!! What's wrong with you?!?!?" me "yeah - thanks. have a nice night." Now, to be fair, i'm sure she could talk circles around me regarding the situation in Kashmir, but why must she ask me what was wrong with me?! I was trying my best to help her understand . . .
  15. Portlander with ski time

    Hey! I'm in a similar boat, but my schedule has been too hectic lately to play much at all. I should have a lot more time to ski/climb in March, when the skiing gets better anyway - perhaps we can ski some volcanoes then, eh? sorry for the absence of a flame in this message.