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Just a thought or two:


I think good bouldering pics can be good pics, but the enphasis is on GOOD PIC. A hard problem doesn't necessarily mean a good picture.


When I'm looking at photos, particularly to judge them, I notice several things:


1. Is it an interesting composition?

2. Are the technical aspects there? i.e. is it sharp and shot with a suitable depth of field? Is the exposure right on?


3. If there are people, can I see a face and expression?


4. Are there "problems" or "distracting elements? I.e. cut off body parts, white skies, other random people in the background (can help with this by using a shallow DOF), blown out highlights in one spot, etc.


I agree with Will. Subject matter is more to organize the photos into the general catagories. The best photos need composition, exposure and few distractions. There are a lot of nice photos submitted, but many have "technical" problems. In choosing your favorites, think like a magazine editor and don't be swayed by the subject matter. Composition is how the photo is framed. A lot of photos would be better if (for example) a climber is not in the center of the photo. Also, personally, I would NEVER choose a photo showing a climber on top rope. Exposure is about being in the right place at the right time as well as knowing how to work your camera. There are photos of great peaks, but the light is just all wrong. It may have looked awesome while you were there, but the film didn't do it justice. It wasn't your fault, just bad timing.


I'd vote for Will to be one of the judges, as he seems to be unbiased with an eye for quality photos.

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Michael, I'm not sure you'll go for this suggestion, but there are so many good photos, it would be good if they could be chosen in two rounds. Maybe yourself and Will perhaps one other person could get it down to the best six or so and then let the rabble choose from those six. That way, any one picture will have a significant number of votes behind it.

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