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  1. Urban Climbing

    Some fresh training ideas for the winter season: Russian Climbing Link Crazy
  2. Mt. Hood Accident?

    Re-posted from the Mountaineer's Message Board: "hi all. i am a friend of todd's and wanted to notify you of the details of the memorial. it will be held monday july 4th from 1 to 5pm. it will be at elliott bay brewery in west seattle, where todd worked. the address is 4720 california ave. i would greatly appreciate your passing the word along to anyone who would like to join us in remembering. thank you."
  3. Mt. Hood Accident?

    A nice story: http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/local/230336_climber28.html?searchpagefrom=1&searchdiff=0
  4. mt hood south route

    went up Sunday morning in the horizontal snow, turned around at 9500 ft., in some places there was 1-2 ft. of new snow on top of a hard crust.
  5. Beginner ice climbing, thinking of a trip to Lillooet at the end of Jan., looking for suggestions for easy, roadside climbs.
  6. Upcoming trip - need shoe repairs first

    I believe you can drop your shoes off at Vertical World in Seattle; John Ramuta picks them up on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Call to confirm this. I agree with Rumr, you basically get a new shoe, when John is done.
  7. Photo Contest!

    Lots of great photos. Here are a few more, under the wire.
  8. Eiger Sanction vs. Cliffhanger

    Don't forget "The Mountain" (1956) with Spencer Tracy
  9. Static Point Bolts

    I see the benefits of keeping a climb in the same state of as the first ascension. Other parties wanting to push the cutting edge of climbing need to repeat climbs in the same way as the original ascension. But, the first climbing party does not own the climb. As time progresses, so does the state of the art of climbing; for example in the 70’s the best climbers in the world were focused on slab climbing, now slabs are not cutting edge. At some point climbing areas need to be made more available to the general climbing community which are not willing to take as many risks as the original ascensionists.
  10. Static Point Bolts

    As far as I am concerned, add as many bolts as you think necessary to make the climb safe. If the first person who climbs a route solos it, does that mean no bolts can ever be place on the route?
  11. Glacier Wands

    When I was making wands last year, I saw those "pre-made" wands. And said "cool", until I picked them up. A pack of 20 must be 2 lb.
  12. Snowmobiles vs Skiers

    Snowmobiles are like smokers in restaurants and bars , they completely annoy everyone around them except the other smokers.
  13. State of the Nation Address

    I saw Gov. Locke's rebuttal. In my option, he was great. When he spoke about his immigrant Chinese grandfather, I had to compare his grandfather to the thousands of immigrant Pakistanis currently fleeing this country because they are afraid they will be declared 'enemy combatant' and put in jail indefinitely without seeing a lawyer.
  14. Death at the Coulee

    Erden, What type of rope was it? I believe last week, you were going to look at the rope at the police office. Did I miss the post with the results? Thank you for all the information you have been posting.
  15. This is a test of my offensive Avatar Image

    Fence Sitter, Check out the article “The Earth’s Changing Glaciers” in The American Alpine Journal, 2000. It should answer all your questions. Figure 5 shows the temperature in the Northern Hemisphere for the last 1000 years. There is definitely an abnormal spike since 1910. Cheers, Gearbot