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  1. I was on the Heliotrope ridge trail this weekend, but did not lose anything though.
  2. White River Road

    I'm also interested as I have a climb planned June 3-4.
  3. Pickets You Recommend

    Yeah, a picket as a picket is not very useful. I've done that 'test' before, and it's very sobering. A picket as a deadman is more reliable--just takes more time to setup.
  4. Do you like it Soft or Hard?

    In the ass? Oh wait... I've never used soft shell before. I've been meaning to make a thread about them. They seem too thick for me. I think I'd rather go with the traditional layer system, because it seems like I would be either too hot or too cold if I used a soft shell.
  5. Sweet pictures of clouds.

    Wow, those are interesting clouds. I reckon we don't get these sorts of clouds in the NW.
  6. And you thought you knew climbing

    The description of bouldering is priceless :rofl: Bouldering: This method consists of climbing small boulders without any equipment. Basically, it's like hiking with some obstacles thrown in.
  7. Muir snowfield

    I was on Baker this past weekend (Easton glacier). The conditions were definitely horrible. Weather was clear on Saturday, and dense fog on Sunday. I'm glad we put in wands.
  8. Two dead on Rainier ?

    Got lost on the Muir snowfield and wandered off onto a glacier
  9. What should I know about crampon care? I generally pat them down and then let them air dry. They're about 1.5 years old. (Grivel G12 New-matic)
  10. Lexus commercial...

    The 'coolness' of the push button start trickled down from exotic models such as Ferrari and Aston Martin. It has indeed become quite trendy of late in non-exotic cars.
  11. Lexus commercial...

    So... what does climbing have to do with Lexus? Hahaha.
  12. Steam eruption at 5:25 PM Tues (3/8). http://www.komotv.com/stories/35624.htm
  13. Why does this board have an alpine slant?

    Wow, this is old.
  14. St Helens

    It'll be closed for a few years I reckon.
  15. Warm waterproof gloves

    I loves my neoprene Glacier Gloves. Only problem is, you still get wet from sweat. Non-breathable.
  16. Ruh-oh... My crampons are starting to rust!

    Too bad I don't own a gun.
  17. Toes down or Heels down

    Heel's down. It's a common beginner's mistake to want to climb toes down. As David Parker said, you want the front points AND the secondary points to catch.
  18. Rainier over Thanksgiving weekend?

    Bah! I wish I was more fit! I've been slacking off these past months--not as fast as I used to be.
  19. Japanese climbers die in Yosemite

    So from what I can gather... they died from hypothermia.
  20. This is my first TR and I have no ice experience, so I really don't know what to say. I went to Mt Baker this weekend to learn how to ice climb with BoeAlps. It was sunny on Saturday, and miserably rainy on Sunday. Long story short, ice climbing is A LOT more fun than I expected. And a lot easier as well. (Unlike rock, which looks easy but is REALLY hard) I definitely need to ice climb again! The season has just started! As you can expect, my feet were in absolute pain and fatigue afterwards! :wtc: So much kicking and stomping. As for the ice, I was told that it was really good ice from our 'expert' instructor. Screws were easy to place and dinner-plating wasn't a problem on sat. Sunday was tough climbing. The rain kept melting the face and I was dinner-plating all over the place. Our top rope anchor also was getting sketchy. The area: North South Me. Hero pose. The group. Saturday was the area shown here. Sunday was up higher where the 2nd guy from the top is. This is my V-anchor. I can't believe it works! Me 'bouldering' 5 ft off the ground. Too scared to go any higher. I slip would be dangerous. I'd probably slide all the way to Canada! Ben and Tom at the top setting up the anchor Cal belaying Cal climbing
  21. I can do a very convincing Aussie accent though--or so I was told by some Aussie friends of mine. They had me 'perform' everytime they introduced me to one of their friends. Get a few beers into me, and I'm told I sound Kiwi.
  22. From my limited experience with mormons (big population in Kent) and SLC, it seems like UT has a lot of hotties. SLC all the way, if only for the desserts alone. Great photography opportunities, although it may be cliched.
  23. Well? I can't fathom just throwing them in the trash...
  24. Just didn't really occur to me to ask. I'm usually very thorough in my research. And why all the hate? Hahaha.