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1. North Ridge of Baker with Ski Descent

2. Full Summit Ski Descent of Baker, Adams, St Helens, and Glacier Peak

3. Sloan Peak (Simple Screw Route)

My favorite thing this year was keeping the BORA 80 in the garage and doing everything in a day.


Even though this caused 2 big failures for myself and partners, especially the ERD on Forbidden and Clark Mountain, but we got damn close to both. frown.gif


The next best thing is finding out my wife and I are gonna have a baby girl on November 12th grin.gif


Best Cragging (not hardest grade, but best)

Sonic Boom - Trundle Dome

Gun Rack - Clems Holler

Celestial Groove -Pearly Gatez




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1) The couple days I spent climbing with my uncle up some easy classics on Lumpy Ridge, CO. (climbs he last climbed in the early 70s)


2) Second ascent of Gato Negro on Whine Spire, West Face Silver Star w/bobbyperu. Apparently we got the FA on the direct finish on the 11th pitch?


3) Sold my place, quit my job, moved to where I want to be.

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Wow! Its really kewl to hear what you have all been doing this year! cool.gif


Im not sure if I can narrow it down to just three!

How about two categories! wink.gif


Tangible accomplishments:


thumbs_up.gifFinished the ice climb in Orient Bay, Ontario which I got injured on the year before. It really sucked and I never want to climb it again....but I faced the fear and did it anyway!


thumbs_up.gifCruised up a climb I struggled on MAJORLY last year on the North Shore. Also did a few others that I would have never dreamed I could do.


thumbs_up.gifStarted leading trad


thumbs_up.gif(Hopefully to occur on my trip out to the PNW in a few weeks)....Lead a multipitch climb.




I met a GREAT mentor/friend who has been incredibly helpful with...


Teaching me actual technique.


Mentally preparing myself - in turn has helped me increase my grades drastically.


Exploring other areas of climbing as a form of training...yup...even bouldering and sport!


getting me to the point where I can experience 'flow' while climbing.








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1) Taking the Boealps Intermediate Class (this included my first trad lead, first multipitch trad lead, first alpine trad lead, first 10a trad lead, first ice climbing... what an awesome class! )


2) First summit of Rainier


3) First Trip to the Pickets fruit.gif ... WR of Inspiration. Wow.


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