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  1. I dropped the bag price to $425.00 if your interested. Tyler 253/250-1207
  2. Pants are sold, bag still available for $425.00.
  3. Price reduced, Sleeping bag $425.00 and pants $100.00 email me at tchilman@hotmail.com
  4. The size XXL supergaiters have sold. All other items are still for sale.
  5. For sale Feathered Friends Peregrine (long 4lb. 3 0z.) -25 down sleeping bag with Epic fabric. The bag is orange in color and has 800+ overfill down. Bag was used on Aconcagua on two seperate occassions and has about 24 nights in it and is in perfect condition. New price was $749.00 asking $500.00. Feathered Friends Volant pant with heavy duty knees, crampon patches and rear. Size XL or size 34-36 and length 40". Pants are full zip and Epic fabric. Pants are in perfect condition. New price was $269.00 asking $150.00. Climb High Supergaiters, insulated size XXL for size 13 or 30-31" circumfrance. Also one pair of medium for size 8.5 or 27-28" circumfrance. New price is $119.00 per pair will sell for $50.00 per pair. Both pairs in excellent working condition. I will email pics upon request. Contact me at tchilman@hotmail.com Sleeping bag price reduced to $425.00 and pants $100.00
  6. road to mowich lake?

  7. Top 3

    1. Little Tahoma Peak 2. Mt. Rainier 3. White River 50
  8. Fuel Bottles and Stoves on Airlines?

    On a trip a few months back to Aconcagua, I had two large red MSR bottles and MSR Dragonfly stove, all used many times and had no problem. I just buried it around other stuff and what someone else noted they were more interested in the crampons than anything else. I also had several lighters in my checked baggage.
  9. Oslo TR

    Going that way in October!!! Unknown how the weather will be?? Sounds like a great place.
  10. what a weekend!

    Saturday I ran the White River 50 trail run. Had a bee stinging, 3 crap, puking, lost all hearing in my right ear good time. I was super trashed Sunday!!!! Great race, well organized, great racers....Hats off to all.
  11. Full Moon Rope Up

    Just get back in time for Kiss and Aerosmith!!!! ROCK ON!
  12. Bivvy sack question

    It packs smaller and costs less than anything else comparible, like the Bibler I-tent, or the ID tent styled like the I-tent.
  13. new pack recommendations?

    I second the Mchale's recommendation! You get custom fitted, the colors you want as well as the options that you want. If you want super light you can choose spectra fabric, strong and light. Mchale's are also super versatile, changing from an expedition load hauler to a summit pack is as easy as removing a couple of stays and slapping on the summit flap. My .00000001 cent.
  14. Wonderland Trail 48hrs

    I'm shooting for (3) days with stashes every 31 miles or so. Light pack and a bivy....Nothing too amazing, but it will be fun!!!!Probably wait until late September, less bugs, less tourons.
  15. Are ordinary cars allowed on Ipsut Creek Road?

    I'm a little late to help, but for everyone else heading that way....I saw a lowrider truck go their with no problem last week!!!! Just take it slow through the washout, the rest is bomber.