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  1. FS: Asolo AFS 8000 boots

    I reinforced few places on the inner boots with shoe glue to prevent wear and tear of stitched rubber/plastic parts.
  2. FS: Asolo AFS 8000 boots

    bump good boots, it's winter - someone, take them up the hill!
  3. FS: Asolo AFS 8000 boots

    My size is 10 and the boots would feel a little large for me with one sock. I was wearing them with double socks.
  4. FS: Asolo AFS 8000 boots

    this is the size on the liner
  5. FS: Asolo AFS 8000 boots

    Inner boots are waterproof, no holes or anything like that. I did some minor repairs to keep them in good shape. I think boots are true to size.
  6. FS: Asolo AFS 8000 boots

    bump price reduced to $100
  7. FS: Asolo AFS 8000 boots

    size US 11, added to description
  8. FS: Asolo AFS 8000 boots

    Outer shells, soles and inner boots are in good condition, clean, size US 11. http://www.trailspace.com/gear/asolo/afs-8000/ Good for Denali, Aconcagua and winter climbing in Cascades. $100. Located in Seattle area.
  9. Sold: approach ski setup - $200

    Sold Thank you guys!
  10. Sold: approach ski setup - $200

    Skis - Atomic Chugach, 166 http://www.sierratradingpost.com/p/3074,75286_Atomic-Chugach-Rugged-Backcountry-Touring-Skis-Waxless.html Bindings - Silvretta 500, size L http://www.silvretta.de/bindungen.php?chid=16&m=4&lang=uk&prid=13&ac=det Skis and bindings are in very good condition.
  11. Leavenworth ice update

    It's on Snow Lakes Trail, I guess just before the turn (fork) towards the snow creek wall. You won't miss it - it'll be 10 yards to the left of the trail.
  12. Leavenworth ice update

    Climbed millenium wall few hours ago. Lower-mid part was still well formed despite the warm temps. Upper part felt rotten and required some excavating. Awesome day!
  13. Anybody been up to Lane?

    Been there yesterday. Fly and Zipper looked filled, however rock step at the last third in zipper might still be uncovered. In lovers lane chockstone looked uncovered. the rest, it seems, was also in. Snow was hard slab over unconsolidated in many places, it should improve during this week.
  14. [TR] Hood - Cooper Spur 2/20/2010

    Amazingly, there was not a soul up there on Saturday when we topped
  15. [TR] Mt. Hood - Multiple routes 2/22/2010

    Hey Clam, we've seen your tent on the way down Nice outing