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  1. This is the answer. According to Rigging For Rescue of Ouray, CO, the ratio of prusik cord diameter to host rope diameter is 2/3 to 3/4. Mike must have changed the numbers when he bought the company from Kirk. Gotta do something to be different - Typical
  2. Use a rule of thumb for prusik cord: 60% - 80% of the host rope. So for 8mm rope, 5 works great & 6 will work but you may want an extra wrap with the 6mm.
  3. Actually Everett Mountain Rescue was requested to assist in recovery. Nothing further...
  4. WOW - 150 sq ft? If that is a Large home...then my 1800 sq ft house must be a castle!!
  5. Check Email for destination next week.
  6. Geez - Get a room already
  7. Nice TR & Pics. One question though: How long did it take your party to summit? I am planning on an attempt this weekend weather permitting. Thanks Coop
  8. Thanks for the info. I am heading down this weekend weather permitting to do the S. Side.
  9. Clear acrylic spray...works great!
  10. Found a pair coming down the trail from Sunset slab past Austrian slab (I think). ID them & they are yours...
  11. 3M reflective tape or Metal paint I got an NAPA. I agree on the spray paint idea...not just gaudy...very sloppy!
  12. Coopah

    mchale pack

    There are the best packs PERIOD. If you need a pack that big & it fits you, $200 is a steal!
  13. If you are worried that the knot will untie, put it under a load using a 3:1 pulley system to pretension the knot. After that is done...no worries.
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