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  1. Diameter of Prusik when used with 8.1 mm rope?

    This is the answer. According to Rigging For Rescue of Ouray, CO, the ratio of prusik cord diameter to host rope diameter is 2/3 to 3/4. Mike must have changed the numbers when he bought the company from Kirk. Gotta do something to be different - Typical
  2. Diameter of Prusik when used with 8.1 mm rope?

    Use a rule of thumb for prusik cord: 60% - 80% of the host rope. So for 8mm rope, 5 works great & 6 will work but you may want an extra wrap with the 6mm.
  3. Climbing Accident on McClellan Butte

    After you misspoke the first time
  4. Climbing Accident on McClellan Butte

    Actually Everett Mountain Rescue was requested to assist in recovery. Nothing further...
  5. Single Room available in 3 Bedroom house in Wallin

    WOW - 150 sq ft? If that is a Large home...then my 1800 sq ft house must be a castle!!
  6. Devil's Toothpick

    Check Email for destination next week.
  7. Devil's Toothpick

    Geez - Get a room already
  8. [TR] Mt. Hood- Hogsback 5/15/2004

    Nice TR & Pics. One question though: How long did it take your party to summit? I am planning on an attempt this weekend weather permitting. Thanks Coop
  9. Accident on Hood

    Thanks for the info. I am heading down this weekend weather permitting to do the S. Side.
  10. Waterproofing Maps

    Clear acrylic spray...works great!
  11. Found a pair coming down the trail from Sunset slab past Austrian slab (I think). ID them & they are yours...
  12. How do you mark your gear?

    3M reflective tape or Metal paint I got an NAPA. I agree on the spray paint idea...not just gaudy...very sloppy!
  13. mchale pack

    There are the best packs PERIOD. If you need a pack that big & it fits you, $200 is a steal!
  14. Moonstone Outlet?

    Nope...don't know
  15. sewn quickdraw vs. tied webbing draw

    If you are worried that the knot will untie, put it under a load using a 3:1 pulley system to pretension the knot. After that is done...no worries.