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  1. https://fellrnr.com/wiki/DIY_Altitude_Training Thinking of trying a hypoxia training program. Does this work? I would like to pre adapted to 10k feet and more. When I go from 200ft at home to 7k level to camp I usually feel like a truck ran me over the next morning. This DIY program seems cost effective, I already got most of the stuff to build it. Hope to be able to run up over Rainier while every one else is up chucking and gasping for air...:)
  2. On the series "I shouldn't be alive" Young Couple Trapped On A Mountain During A Snow Storm | I Shouldn't Be Alive S5 EP3 | A young couple trapped on a mountain ledge survives the experience. Based on a true story it looks like they used a bothy bag. They also kept all their fingers and toes! Look for it on YouTube. It is part of the wonder series , get out the popcorn.
  3. Note, most tarps do Not have a center tie up under for a trekking pole. If want that must put it in.
  4. Weather speculation

    Thursday---today, mt Baker ski area and road up to it was closed , 4 inches of rain in 24 hours. Mt Baker website thinks its ski conditions will be good as it is going back to colder. In mt Vernon thursday 10pm(now) temp is 50 degrees F, very warm.
  5. This guy also says that high volcanic action is also likely during the cycle he sees ahead. Meaning possibly a time with the sun blocked out, a year with no summer, less food, more ice!!
  6. Sorry the correct link is GlobalWeatherOscillations.com
  7. This guy right or wrong seems to be totally independent. His opinion is CO2 emissions do not cause much warming. That natural cycles are much greater in affecting weather. I myself wonder if other emissions rather than CO2 are causing warming ? In any case the weather cycle information from now on out points to global cooling for the rest of our lives before the next up cycle. For instance if you had a 100,000 year life span Seattle will be about a mile under the ice during the next ice age according to that long range weather cycle. The weather cycle outlook is up and down temperature cycles trending down to the next ice age. The recent past up temperature is also a natural cycle. This is a different idea than the global warming outlook due to CO and CO2 emissions.
  8. GlobalWetherOscillations.com GlobalWetherOscillations.com
  9. Oh to live at a place with a 10 minute walk from the road to ice. 2017 was a wonderful fluke year of Leavenworth roadside ice. My weather guy is predicting cold for the next 50 to 100 years , doesn't look too promising so far this winter but have my hopes up, even got some new cold weather climbing duds.
  10. Looking to do some moderate ice climbing. Have all the gear, dont have the energy for very long days but still want swing tools. Thinking of chair peak when in , or ice in Leavenworth if ever in shape etc.
  11. question HELP!! Small feet, can't find boots!!!

    Basically get the smallest insulated boot and make it work with thick socks if needed. 5000 meters likely too cold for a unsulated boot but toe warmers or electric socks are a option. Of course it would be better to have good fitting insulated boots. In the old days two thick socks with plain leather unsulated boots was an option for winter. May want to carry extra dry socks, also synthetic socks dry out much faster than wool socks. Myself I use synthetic socks , leave on feet and they freeze a few hours while drying in the sleeping bag but dry and warm in a couple hours. I dont carry extra socks, but my trips out are only a few days. Wool socks will still be wet in the morning for me, if drying on feet and feet cold all night. By the way make sure the boots are not too tight or will cut off circulation.
  12. I am not a bothy bag expert, but since there isn't much detailed info out there, here are my current thoughts. Get a lightweight one... 2 man version looks good for two with no packs inside, or one with a winter pack. Carry a 2 man bothy for very lightwieght, for technical rock or alpine routes or for one person usage. Bothy bag or thin light bivy sack for emergency usage? Personally I would go for a bothy bag. The warm air you breath inside the bothy makes it warmer than a bivy sack. It seems a lot of body heat is lost out by breathing which makes sense if you think about it. Of course it can get wet inside over time, if too bad may flip the bothy bag inside out. The 4 man bothy, two guys can be inside with packs and can lay down or mostly lay down flat or reclining. If in snow can dig a sitting or reclining chair like shape. For emergency bivy this is as good as it gets. Expect the inside temp to be about 20 degrees F higher than outside, better than a thin bivy sack. Of course need to have enough flat space to set up everything. A 4 man bothy bag allows one person to lay down with a pack inside, still a good option , still very warm. May add in a blizzard survival tube, bag, or blanket etc. Or one of the SOL breathable bivy sacks. I find that the 5.5 oz SOL breathable bivy sack to work well enough, one can fold the top fabric of this sack around the face since it does not come with a around the face draw string. The lightweight 2 man bothy bag weighs about 8oz,. About the lightest warmest shelter for two guys possible, but will be in a cramped sitting position. The light 4 man bothy bag is about 16oz. Look for venting when selecting a bothy bag.
  13. Hello For better or worse i am going try the Citizen Altichron Promaster watch. It seems of the kind of design I want. Thanks everyone.
  14. question HELP!! Small feet, can't find boots!!!

    Two thick socks. As I understand it, in the old days winter boots were uninsulated leather sized to fit with two pairs of thick socks. Of course tech climbing will be a bit harder.
  15. https://www.watchprosite.com/horological-meandering/favre-leuba-bivouac-ref-53203-/17.1281296.10817441/ Something like this watch, but modern at reasonable price, scratch proof, not too big and heavy. One time zone, altimeter and maybe one alarm time. Cool name, it can be analog or digital display. Old school simple navigation aid. A real climber watch must be very tough , that occasional hand jam, will destroy a watch.