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  1. Good condition. Scuffs on bottom. Removable lid. Roll top closure under lid. $50 In Spokane
  2. Closet cleaning. In Spokane. Prefer local. Shipping your cost Arcteryx Khamsin 38 (red)-new-$75 Arcteryx Khamsin 38 (blue)-very used-FREE Arcteryx Khamsin 52 & 62-one lumbar pack/top lid for both packs. Lid zipper beginning to wear out-very used-FREE Black Diamond Outlaw Avalung-used-Avalung works-$25 Mammut Face 22-Lightly used-$25 Black Diamond Shadow 45-used-good condition except for broken shoulder strap buckle-FREE
  3. I believe Jason's assessment correct. This from a 2009 Fury trip via Access Creek.
  4. I'm talking about the colorful summit register on Trapezoid, containing an entertaining playing card carrying the hand written title Choss Dog Millionaires, which I thought to be placed by your party.
  5. Snowking access

    Anyone know if the access to Sonny Boy Rd/Kindy Ridge/Snowking is open? Mostly, is the bridge in across the Cascade River? Thanks
  6. Alpine 7/19-7/21

    Going into N Cascades. Have some things in mind (Jack, Buck, Snowfield, Arriva) but open to ideas. Coming from Spokane. Ethan
  7. Alpine 7/5-7/7

    Fri-Sun just opened up. Trying to get a last minute plan together. W Mac Spire? Chiwawa/Fortress? Other? Ski or climb. Ethan
  8. [TR] Johannesburg - W Peak - 6/15/2013

    Nothing like steep weeds right out the car to make us question our sanity. A very direct approach.
  9. Trip: Johannesburg - W Peak - Date: 6/20/2013 Trip Report: Top quality rock
  10. AT Boots for Wide Feet

    I have 2013 Quadrants (size 27) for my wide feet. The stock liner is still too small. I struggled with it for a while before replacing it with an Intuition liner. I tried the Dreamliner, Pro Tour, and Luxury and selected the Dreamliner (size 28). One of the foremost reasons being the thinner sole of the Dreamliner leaves more volume to better allow use of a Sole insole. I now have happy feet.
  11. Climbing Presentation Feb 28th Spokane, WA

    Cool. I'll make it and try to round up some others for a pub function.
  12. FS: Kid Skis-SOLD

    bump for lower price