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  1. Mr_Phil


    The boy seems to lack original thought.
  2. WD40 isn't a lubricant.
  3. Kevbone is a Segway kind of guy.
  4. So you're saying that killing the cougar with a gun is better than scaring it off by throwing rocks? I guess you need the outdoors sanitized so that no one could possible get hurt. We should probably gridbolt all the climbs as well.
  5. I think you should get one of these. Looks good to me.
  6. Where did you get the factoid that Epic fabric is more breathable than eVent?
  7. If the weather is nasty, stay inside the tent. Guided groups should not be out in bad weather.
  8. Except a random stranger won't point a sack of weed at you and you'll fall over dead. Death by self-stupidity is one thing. Death by the stupidity and anger of others is quite another. driving drunk kills even more people. pointing a 3000 pound car at someone doing 60 mph is just as deadly as a semi-automatic Glock. and driving under the influence of drugs can do the same. Not to mention driving while talking on the cell phone, which has a similar accident rate.
  9. It's a natural form of toilet paper.
  10. Well, duh. How long did it take you to come up with the obvious?
  11. If you had a mac, you wouldn't have that problem. H3q8_40GBuI
  12. He's not fat, he's just big-boned troll.
  13. Comparing VT to Iraq troll. (A Dave Schult exclusive.)
  14. Give Dru an artifical hand and it could happen this week!
  15. The "My elbow hurts" troll
  16. Mr_Phil

    ban gay marriage

    If you're against Gay Marriage, then don't have one.
  17. Mr_Phil


    Yeah, speak for yourself.
  18. Cat pee. It never comes out.
  19. and the faster you stop (less elastic system), the higher the force.
  20. Mr_Phil


    They need a new stadium.
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