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  1. Check out the Olympic Peninsula Climbers Facebook page. It is a very friendly and open community of climbers locally. After the sun returns in the spring/summer/fall there is a weekly ropeup at either the Elwha Wall or Waka Beach --10 minutes from town. There is a small indoor wall at Sound Bike & Kayak downtown. Nearest real climbing gym is on Bainbridge Island. For the most part, rock on the Olympic Peninsula is manky. Fortunately Index and Leavenworth are a day's road trip away. Waka Beach:
  2. Interesting to see this route completed. Mike Emers and I recovered Tom Thomas's body after his fall, and we never determined the cause of his accident. As my report to the AAC stated, he had a locking biner clipped to the front of his harness. We speculated that it may have been a rappelling accident that occurred while he was back-cleaning pro. Did you guys find anything hanging from the rope, or see how the rope was attached to the rock?
  3. When I was young (in the late 70's), I soloed Catapult and Midway on Castle Rock. Also scared the bejeezus out of myself by soloing Classic Crack!
  4. Poecology.org publishes a Lit Locator map that uses lat/long coordinates to map articles published online that feature a strong focus on sense of place. Many of those who frequent this forum might be interested...
  5. Glacier Meadows camp 70% melted out. Beaucoup running water --no need to melt. Our party planned to reach summit via Crystal Pass, but turned back at top of Snow Dome due to high winds and lowering cloud ceiling. You'll hopefully have better weather, but I would emphasize importance of alpine start. I don't think Olympus is the place for L.S.M. We elected not to carry crampoons early season and didn't need them. Your results may vary.
  6. PM me what you dropped, and if it's what I picked up I'll send it to you.
  7. Just got back...conditions excellent! Bear wires in place at Glacier Meadows...so don't take food canisters! Crossing Blue Glacier easy-peasy. Snow conditions up the Snow Dome excellent for step-cutting. Our party did not need crampons. Leave camp at Glacier Meadows by 3 a.m. (Local weather tends to develop late morning around the summit ridge...)
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