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  1. http://www.addictedtocookies.com/ode to the pink tricam.htm
  2. Did you get a look at how the descent from Goat pass to the base of the ridge looked? Mostly melted or still a fair bit of snow?
  3. follow the stuart lk trail past the colchuck turnoff. it more or less goes straight for a while. at the first legit switchback, look left for the trail.
  4. Oh yea and the Petit Cheval approach is entirely snow free with a perfect log crossing 20' uphill from the trail.
  5. Trip: Liberty Bell/ Petit Cheval - Beckey Rte/Spontaneity Arete Date: 6/8/2013 Trip Report: Sorry, no photos, just a quick conditions update. Got out of work early on Friday and drove out Hwy 20 and did a quick lap on the Beckey route. Mostly snow from the parking lot that made for great boot packing even at 2p. Continuours snow in the upper gully meant no falling rocks! Wahoo! Route is snow-free and just as much fun as I remembered. Saturday went to climb First Ammendment, but got a late start and changed plans to climb Spontaneity. I had done it before and thought the first pitch more or less went up and to the left towards the old snag. My partner started on the handcrack in the corner which had some loose rocks, then kept going striaght up instead of left since it looked easier. She accidently dislodged a HUGE block (she said the size of a goat) and somehow caught it on her lap and was able to set it down. We decided we must be off route, grabbed the gear and called it a day. Any beta on the proper start? Were we on it and just found some loose crap or were we way off? If you go up there soon be aware of a couple large precarious rocks on the slabs above the handcrack.
  6. i have midday fri-midday mon off. possible: wa pass rock, anything in boston basin, ski something, even crag or boulder. sport to .11+, trad to .10+, newer skiier. pm me if you're open/have ideas!
  7. Thanks for letting me tag along! Hopefully I provided enough comedic relief trying to work on my kick turns
  8. NTM

    wtb skins

    looking to buy skins for a pair of 176cm BD justices.
  9. looking to get a pair of at skis. im 5'6" and looking somewhere in the 165-170-ish range. ideally already setup with fritchi bindings or similar, but w/o bindings ok too. want something in good shape too- not your 10 year old rock skis . thanks!
  10. pffffft. this sounds better: http://www.weather.com/weather/tenday/USWA0264?par=bing&site=bingsearch&cm_ven=bing&cm_cat=bingsearch&cm_pla=search-us&cm_ite=wx-tenday
  11. thanks for leaving out the photos of mrs. duong. running dog- perhaps you would like to trade vehicle for 3 good pair of levis jeans? american made! or 1 nike wind jacket- blue and pink color-way...?
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