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  1. TR: Horsethief Butte

    Those might have been baggies of hash disguised as dog poop.
  2. The Rock Climbing Network

    Looks like they got alot of new members from India!
  3. trad gear and recent airport security

    Took a trip to Vegas on Alaska airlines a few years ago and had a big trad rack in my checked in duffle. They searched it and left a note to let me know but otherwise no issues. That was a couple of years ago so take that for what its worth! GL
  4. RIP Oral

    His earlobes alone could feed a family of 6 in Haiti no problem.
  5. cc.com metal thread.

    And who could forget BOTSC...aka TAD! I am tired of the "pop" metal bands people continue to think of as the "best metal"...WTF are you thinking.
  6. Hi Dwayner! Good to see you! hugs!
  7. Video search : El Capitan dvd??

    [img:left]http://www.canyoncinema.com/P/Padula_ElCapitan.JPG[/img] Anyone know if this will ever be released on dvd? I have a skanky old vhs one and I really have a hankering for a more solid format, relatively speaking. Chessler used to carry the vhs but even thats gone. Perhaps with the renewed interest in Mountain of Storms, someone will reissue it?
  8. Post Count Increaser

  9. CC.com Dance Party!

    Dude I love you! Kyuss is awesome! Right in front of Acrimony, Fu Manchu, Bongzilla, and Nebula!
  10. Land Down Under

  11. Land Down Under

    Did you notice the way to get an illusion out of this? If you stare at a single spot of the vimeo movie while the movie was stopped, the outside edges of the image shift and move! AWESOME! :tup:
  12. Shai-Hulud

  13. Sport vs Trad

    Thank goodness for chef Boiardi.
  14. Splatter

    That wasn't rain, that was full on brutal veggie assault with ice. I hope my Tomatoes make it