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  1. Nice to see you out in the alpine Bala! That looks like a fun route, thanks for writing it up. And great pics!
  2. That sounds like a Jackass paradise! Inspiring trip Big and Little, and great write up as usual. Congrats on getting yet another cascade gem
  3. Read this this morning and it's been on my mind all day. Holy shit this is bad ass . Great write up too. Congrats man.
  4. Haha, I actually like this photo! Wow, I lost that almost 2 years ago. Pretty shocked that it still works . And John, trust me- you and everyone else wouldn't like the naked selfies. You'd have nightmares. Andy, I'll pm you about picking it up. Thanks man- I like that camera.
  5. To John's family, and to those who knew him, I wish my deepest condolences. John seems like a man worth knowing, and I regret having only crossed paths with him in the virtual world. May his brightest qualities, the ones that hurt the most to think about, bring you inspiration, guidance, and love in the the difficult days ahead. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.
  6. My thoughts are with you, Jens, if you read this. And with Chad's family. I hope the way forward magnifies all the positive ways Chad affected you and those who knew him.
  7. I'm looking to round out a crew of carpenters for a Passive House project this spring/summer in Yakima. A Passive House is a high performance, super energy efficient way of building. Passive House buildings consume 60%-80% less energy than buildings built to code, and are the most sure fire way of achieving net zero status. Learn more about them here: What is a Passive House? This will be a full time position with an average of 40 hrs per week for 7-10 months beginning in late March/early April and continuing thru to the end of construction. Housing can be arranged if necessary, for a deduction in wage. All levels of experience will be considered, from laborer to apprentice to journeyman. If desired, the position could potentially lead to a permanent carpenter position in Seattle. Duties to include assisting with: -Fastfoot monopour with icf stem wall foundation -Double stud wall construction -Air sealing to less than .6 ACH at 50 Pa -Rain screen siding -Clay plaster finishes -General carpentry related to single family residential construction. Job Requirements: - Ability to communicate well and to ask questions -Desire and willingness to learn about building science and green building -Reliability -A strong work ethic -Ability to thrive when the path forward is unclear -Personal tools commensurate with experience -A personal vehicle Compensation Pay will depend upon experience and will fall within the $12-$25 range. Paid vacation (3 hrs 40 hrs worked) along with full health and dental benefits after 3 months. Pay is weekly. I'm posting here because (1) climbers generally make for good carpenters; (2) climbers (that I’ve known) tend to exhibit the character requirements listed above; and (3) I want partners for after work sessions in Tieton. If you’re interested, know of someone who might be, or have questions, please email: ryan@battandlear.com
  8. Nice to see that you've been well covered through the winter John. Do you bleach your skin, or is that au natural? Nice description of the route, too. Sounds like you've been on that thing once or twice before...
  9. Right on Scott! You've ticked some butes this winter. Great pics as always.
  10. Awesome trip boys! What a great time of year to hit it.
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