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  1. Dude could dance.

    Just when i was considering coming back - Oh, well. I'll try again next year.
  2. bamboozled

    Oh, for Fuck's Sake! He's referencing a place! Idiots.
  3. The "RuMR Tries To Piss Off Everyone" Thread

  4. New Forum

    Via Ferrata Forum!
  5. The "RuMR Tries To Piss Off Everyone" Thread

    I am probably one of the few people that knows Jason (the author of the link RuMR posted). In summation, you bitches don't know shit.
  6. Microbe Awakens After 120,000 Years Under the Ice

    Pfft - they got nothin' on the Immortal Water Bears! (tardigrade): http://scienceray.com/biology/zoology/extremely-amazing-animals-that-sustain-their-survival-under-extreme-conditions/ [video:youtube]CKamWp610ng
  7. Insult A Random Person!

    RuMR is a sick little monkey.
  8. Insult A Random Person!

    Necro is a ball-sack licker
  9. Note to self

    Note taken
  10. abject & utter depression

    Try "A course In Miracles" for your mind-fuck edification
  11. Faking injuries

    John Sherman said something like: "I've heard them all! Make it original: Nothing says heel-hooking roof God like tendinitis in the back of the knees."
  12. Climbing Gear Ninja

    Very funny! Thanks!
  13. Taking requests for spray

    I'm not quite ready for spray - can you just drool a little and see if I like it? ...
  14. Note to self

    vaccuum cleaners are not sex toys
  15. Le Absinthe

    Absinthe of Mallet http://www.mountainproject.com/v/arizona/cochise_stronghold/sheepshead_area_southwest/105738803
  16. best of cc.com photos of Really Big Housecats

    Pink - that looks hairball
  17. Post Count Increaser

    you go Girls
  18. The Easy Rock Collection

    Who's bendin' down to give me a rainbow? [video:youtube]v=hU8vOQNvd3c
  19. The Easy Rock Collection

    Doin' the town, and doin' it right [video:youtube]v=xBYV_7a0FQs
  20. I love you guys

  21. Slap Chop!

  22. Slap Chop!

    was that in the back of your pants?
  23. Regressive Tax at Skull Hollow Campground

    In addition to the $5, they should switch the name to reflect the litterbugs attitude: Hollow Skull Campground!