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  1. Stealing fixed draws

    Again, the draws were up for a very short time, and I wasn't going to leave them after I was done, so any argument that I was littering is bull. Also, from a distance the chalk is much more apparent, the draws were hard to see until you were basically under the route. I was very close to sending, so they probably would have been gone by the weekend, further reason to leave my stuff alone.
  2. Stealing fixed draws

    It's f-ing lame to steal gear whether you are in vantage or smith. The reason I left them fixed is that the route is steep enough that cleaning the draws is a fair amount of work (it's entirely overhung with a big roof). Also, once the draws are up it's easier to clip and go, something a weak, skinny guy like me can appreciate. I realize some people may have "ethical" reason's not to do this, be it pinkpoint or whatever, but that's your deal not mine.
  3. Stealing fixed draws

    Someone stole my draws off king of the ruins in vantage sometime in the past week. They were obviously project draws, not gear left behind when someone bailed. If the person responsible would put them back up, or at least set them at the base, that would be appreciated. Either that or any information on who took 'em. I'm just pissed that someone would jack my stuff, totally a bogus move. They were up for less than ten days, tops.
  4. Alpine 2/16-2/19

    I want to get something done this coming weekend, preferably in the stuarts. I live in Eburg and don't have very reliable transportation.
  5. AT gear questions

    I actually ended up skiing at white pass Sunday because my ice climbing partner bailed, and I will probably end up skiing there for a while untill I get better. That being said, I am still in the market for AT gear. Anyone got any?
  6. SOLD:Rossignol T4's with Silvretta Pure FreerideAT

    Would you sell just the bindings?
  7. AT gear questions

    Thanks for all the input. Just out of curiosity, can I get a "telemark" ski like the Atomic Kontega and put AT bindings on it?
  8. AT gear questions

    What kind/size/ect. of AT skis should I get? I am about5'10" and 150 lbs.I have never really skied before, and due to the resort scene and expense of lift tickets I am not interested in alpine skiing, but have wanted to ski for a while. Any tips would be appreciated.
  9. 05' K2 Suksans Sold

    where are you located?