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  1. It's just sad, Bro. BITD, we would increase our post count with some heart-felt psycho slandering. Kids these days...
  2. The hardest part is the initial fear Mechanical confidence is a learned Art Good Job, Porter! :[]
  3. Why do I even bother, I find myself asking... In fact - I won't Later, NW folks.
  4. Born in Tacoma, razed in SeaTown
  5. 8-YO Accused of Double-Murder! Crazy stuff! Is he too young to be convicted?
  6. You wouldn't enjoy it, I'd just lay there. sickie
  7. Another view from Europe: A family friend called from Paris the other night, and said people were partying in the streets until 7 AM...because Obama won. That concluded our NOT narrow-minded view of the moment.
  8. Things Finally Shitty Enough! Yay!
  9. Bump for funny vid [video:youtube]3XGJq8wrw5I
  10. EWolfe

    Hey BIAW, STFU!

    Like that's a bad thing Ilsa? [img:center]http://bp0.blogger.com/_OQmEa5OKyOI/SCErhZjwuRI/AAAAAAAADvg/dIvFVzpNWAQ/s1600-h/IlsaSheWolfPortrait.jpg[/img]
  11. Yes, we can. It's a good night - a big, 8-year sigh of relief.
  12. Indeed. Hope stirs anew Maybe we all can curtail our separatist natures...YES, WE CAN! Happy tonight. Peace, Erik
  13. That's such good news I am ordering up a pair of these babies!
  14. EWolfe


    They keep your package nice and neat - none of that painful smacking against your lower thigh, no siree!
  15. What's wrong with you people? Goat-blowing Canadians is huge news! The guy on the right is like: "There's NO WAY I am gonna be labeled a goat-blower, uh-uh! One of you guys do somethin' if ya want." Then, magically, Love finds you in the strangest places:
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