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  1. I think lots of shiny stuff - bling, in the parlance of the times, is the answer to both questions
  2. centipedes, millipedes, it's just too damn many legs. Now grubs! Soft, squishy, proteiny and not all those gaggy legs!
  3. An odd twist to this story: Weird details!
  4. Prole, quit mincing words and tell us what you really mean. We can take it, really.
  5. Bloom and I are writing the new NAZ Guide. You know the Bloom guide. I got 1500 routes so far from Sedona to Grand Canyon and need some help with FA/FFA data points. Off? Anyone else? Help a brotha out? I got the sheets, will send them to you. Much respect to FA FOLK Thanks, Erik wolfebox@gmaildotcom
  6. EWolfe

    Photo Caption?

    Lisa getting ready to demonstrate the unique "Stiletto heel-lock in the t-nut hole" technique.
  7. EWolfe

    Photo Caption?

  8. What're Ya gonna do with all of that Junk Inna Trunk?
  9. OK, you're not THAT blonde!
  10. How about posting something new? Any recent climbs? Sends? Or are you just a couple of Oldsters spraying about the past? I am 47 and and sending lots of new shit! What are you doing that inspires us? Stupid pictures and secular chuckles just don't cut it in the real world, has-beens! Show your stuff, Internet ToughGuys!
  11. Porter deleted my post on Pope regaling himself on the Climber's Board. I guess it's all about docility in the face of Oldism.
  12. I just love this woman! Hard climbin', Harley ridin' bad-ass GIRL! You rock, Sherri!
  13. He just wanted the 5.99 foot-long to go! Can't a bear get some service around here? Boo!
  14. "I Need to check those anchors, Miss"
  15. I would just like to take this opportunity to say how much I hate REI
  17. Yarrrr! It be on us again, Me scurvy Swabs! Trim yer jibs and offer up a swarthy phrase r two! Arrr!
  18. [img:center]http://img352.imageshack.us/img352/3664/bushvibe3ux.gif[/img]
  19. EWolfe


    It satisfies base instinct but feels wrong, then you regret it later?
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