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  1. A buddy of mine and I are looking for a third for the Sunset Amphitheater starting tomorrow, tuesday, ending as late as friday depending on weather, etc. Any takers?
  2. But this armchair is so freaking comfortable.... plush cushions, a tasty beverage in my hand... the real tragedy about colorado is the lack of a starbucks on every corner!
  3. I moved out here because the wife and I didn't want to live in Washington my whole life, and I'd always heard that climbing in Colorado was amazing. So I've been here for 2 months now, and spent a good many hours reviewing guidebooks of the state, and I'm not impressed. So far I've only come across one area I'm dying to check out, which is Long's peak. It seems to me that the rest of Colorado mountaineering sucks ass. Sure, Colorado has good elevation, but who gives a shit? I want good climbing! I'm starting to think that its the rock climbing that people rave about, but even that is just ok. Seattle has how many amazing granite crags within 3 hours drive? Index, static point, darrington, leavenworth, squamish.... not to mention any other non granite area thats close by. Seems like all of Colorado's crags are evenly distributed across the state. I can't decide which one to trek to first because I'm equally non-impressed with all of them based on my hours spent in the guidebooks. Of the ones I have visited, so far I've only been moderately impressed with Eldorado Canyon, which seems to be like Smith Rock (in terms of rock quality and crowds) with some better cracks. Now, my opinion isn't set in stone. (har har, I crack myself up. Ohhhh! I'm on a roll! ) I've only just moved here and haven't visited a lot of places yet. Has anybody lived in both Colorado & Washington, and can confirm or deny my suspicions? What is the consensus on the comparison between these two states? Discuss.
  4. went out to do it yesterday, but couldn't see it because of clouds. Looked good in the book though!
  5. the USGS one looked the easiest to me. None of these had shaded relief though. Bummer.
  6. Notice the skid marks on the runway there. I'll bet that was an interesting day for a lot of people.
  7. A good friend of mine was in special forces, and he told me about a class on water quality that was given to him by some doctor that they brought in. The doctor had personally done some water quality experiements, and said that they had taken the most disgusting, sludge filled water and boiled it for 30 seconds. Afterwards, they couldn't find any live organisms. So screw that "boil for 10 minutes" rule that I keep hearing about. Personally, I usually don't boil snowmelt because I usually take the top layer of snow which I figure is relatively pure. I've never had a problem. I read in a magazine somewhere that roughly 60% of us are already carriers of giardia, and while not having immunity, will not likely feel any significant effects from an exposure to the bacteria. Roughly 20% of the remainder population will have minor symptoms, such as mild diarrhea and stomach pain, etc. The other 20% will suffer. I don't know how accurate this is, it was just one article. I've never had it, and I drink from streams and melted snow without purifying or boiling about half the time.
  8. I can see how ski's and poles would drag you down, but wouldn't wearing a backpack make you just a bigger "particle" and help float you to the top?
  9. Is there any kind of topo program that covers BC like the one that covers all 50 states in the US?
  10. there are probably some places down by the river.
  11. If you read the terms and conditions, it sounds like you all signed up for some $13 service.
  12. A friend and I got off route just after the leftward ramp meets the finger crack on pitch 2 or 3. We continued left at the deciduous tree on a short traverse, up and over a roof and into unprotected 5.11+ terrain. Scary as hell. There were a few ancient rivets up there, but no other real sign anyone had been up there in a long, long time. Anyone know anything about a route here?
  13. On this note, all King county firefighters are emt's, with the same training as AMR. I am 95% sure that all the medics also started as EMT's. And many of the medic's had their start at AMR. Don't get me wrong. I may be trying to set some biased minds straight, but I hate AMR as much as the next man. Hell, we almost went on strike recently!
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