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  1. Awesome work!! As always, great TR with excellent details - keep 'em coming, Eric!
  2. Awesome work!! Thanks again, Eric, for continuing to post your TRs here on CC! Here's Ryan Lurie's TR from the Feb 2006 trip.
  3. Out of the world wonderful!! What an incredible adventure! Thanks a ton for posting the TR here, Eric. Keep 'em coming!
  4. @JasonG, keep 'em POTD pics coming!
  5. Thanks much for posting your report here, Eric. Big congrats on two huge ticks!
  6. Wow, what a blast from the past! It turned out to be tendonitis from computer over use. I started doing yoga regularly several years ago, and that has really helped keep things under control. It still flares up when I use my laptop too much, but eases up when I get off it. Doing yoga on a regular basis (for a long enough time) could do wonders! I also got some tips from my yoga instructor (in Portland) who does therapeutic yoga. All of that was before the pandemic - I do some basic yoga on my own these days on most days. @DPS, have a similar I-90 commute joke for tendonitis? 🤣
  7. NWAC recently released the final report for Colchuck Peak accident from last month. Wasn't aware of it till now... quite unfortunate.
  8. Congrats to both of you! And thanks much for sharing (wonderful pics, as always!). May be you should revive those old double statements, but with positive ones: "It's so awesome up there, but at least I had my tough wife for company!"
  9. Thanks much for sharing the link to the story and old pics, Kurt! You guys were a tough bunch BITD. And nice to see connections to the Palouse...
  10. Looks like a trip you'll savor for a long time. And you timed it just about perfect, given the recent developments (although, Leh should not see much of the turmoil). Thanks much for sharing! Brought back memories from more than a decade ago... Second the advice to fly in to Leh (but take enough time to acclimatize there before going any higher). IIRC, flights from Delhi are available year round. Tons of big, steep, and many not so steep, hills to keep one busy for many years!
  11. That's a good point @glassgowkiss. Should've thought about it better... Removed the links now, FWIW. Mods, please feel free to delete this thread.
  12. Came across this commentary by Alex Honnold on climbing scenes in movies on YouTube. The oscar is certainly making climbing a bit more "mainstream"...
  13. So, where are the ski pics, @DPS?
  14. Nice to see your experience with fasting. The details and documentation are much appreciated. On a related but more general note, fasting on a semi-regular basis has been part of several Eastern cultures for ages (millenia). Folks have understood the benefits of fasting (both short- and long-term), and have incorporated the same into their culture/religion/life. I'm originally from India, and am a Hindu (religion). We have many festivals throughout the year (at least once a month on average), and people fast for many of them before breaking their fast with prayers (at least traditionally; present day habits vary). I myself am not as regular - I often celebrate the festivals by eating a lot . For some of these festivals, folks do a complete fast for 24 hours (even no water). Only fruits+water for 24 hours is more common, though. I try to do this sort of fasting occasionally (over the past few years). Also, I usually avoid eating anything till ~1 PM on Sundays (I drink water and coffee without sugar/cream - need the drug to read CC, sheesh!). I've not tracked any effects of these minor fasting efforts (good or bad). The game would be quite different if you're fasting while/as part of training for huge climbs, so I'd be curious how you incorporate the same into your future endeavors into the big hills.
  15. I meant @DPS, a CC.com veteran and common climbing partner and friend of ours. He will teach you air guitar . @JasonG, this TR is filled with winning! So much winning that we got tired of it. I told the Russian to "Stop it! I can't take it any more!"
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