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  1. are any of you ready for some mountain training?

    Old school ones, perhaps. India's defense budget is minuscule compared to that of the Pentagon, after all (and one can't buy AR-15's at the Walmart in India either ). This video is (perhaps) a recruiting tool of the High Altitude Warfare School of the Indian Army, targeting eager young recruits. As @ScaredSilly mentioned, India and Pakistan have been fighting for over 70 years in the Himalayan high altitudes. Not surprisingly, most mountaineering/climbing instruction in India is administered by the armed forces to this day. Mountaineering as a form of recreation is still rare, although it's starting to catch up with (rich) people gaining more time and money to spare. I experienced a bit of this change when comparing my visits back there back in 2006 and the one last year. A friend of mine (now in the US) went for a 4-week climbing school almost 20 years back, which was run by one of these Army divisions. While the basics were all taught, It felt more like an army camp than a climbing class (and yes, he did get ordered around by the "guides"). "Staying/coming back alive" has a whole new meaning for these mountain fighters. We recreational climbers have it much easier out in the West ...
  2. Snoqualmie Rock guidebook release

    Congrats Kurt! I pre-ordered my copy (although, I'm not sure if/when I'll get to climb any of the routes ).
  3. Stunning pics! Keep 'em coming!! :tup:
  4. question Clogged MSR Whisperlite International

    Glad to know you could at least fill up the canisters from other ones. A safe way to refill and reuse the canisters would be wonderful. Way better to reuse than recycle, whenever possible. I usually take the used canisters to hazardous waste collection events (along with aerosol cans). There's one such event happening at least once a year around here.
  5. question Clogged MSR Whisperlite International

    I was indeed thinking about cleaning the pump and the tube, and your post convinced me. Thanks diepj! As you mentioned, it was quite straightforward to clean (after following instructions on the manual I found online). Pulling the cable out and putting it back all the way did not give me much trouble either. My stove didn't come with the fine needle to clean, but I was a able to use the pin in the shaker. The manual has instructions on how to take apart the pump, replace the washer ring, etc. After the clean-up, the stove seems to be running much smoother now . Plus I feel confident enough to (attempt to ) tinker with the stove in the field. But the chance of getting a full revamp for $35 is quite tempting as well ... . Dispensing of the used canisters properly appears to be a big pain. One can't just chuck them into the recycle bin. And they add up pretty quick (I've a PocketRocket in addition to the Whisperlite). For the pee-wee outings I do, I'd much rather use a refillable cylinder (and write it off as extra training weight ).
  6. [TR] Mt Hood via mass transit. - S.S. 7/21/2017

    Cool stuff!! I also have liked Hood in the summer the couple times I've gone (yes, there's loose stuff, and yada yada...). How long did the mass transit journeys take (up and down)? And how long did you spend at Timberline before starting to head up? Similarly, how long of a wait, if any, before you got on the bus for the return?
  7. question Clogged MSR Whisperlite International

    Will look into both options (contacting MSR, and using the wire). On that note, my windshield is quite beat up as well (and held together by tape). You do realize you are responding to a university professor with a Ph.D. in theoretical mathematics, right? I suspect Dru knew, and hence the comment. Thanks, though, Dru - hadn't heard of that before. Will pencil it in to my list of mathy jokes .
  8. question Clogged MSR Whisperlite International

    My MSR Whisperlite International stove appears to have clogged up a bit after use with (low quality) gasoline. It appears to be a partial clog somewhere in the pump assembly or the inlet fuel tube (which takes the fuel from the cylinder to the stove). I'm saying partial because the stove still works, but the supply tends to peter out after a while. At that point, I pump it again, and the gas starts coming out in a gush after several pumps. Has any one cleaned the pump or the inlet tube? It's easy to take apart and clean the stove itself, but I'm not so sure about the pump. And how does one clean the fuel tube? Or, would the clog be expected to disappear on its own with enough use of clean(er) fuel (white gas)? TIA for any suggestions!
  9. Royal Columns Closed due to collaspe of column

    Yeah! Sobooooooooooooo!!
  10. [TR] Dragontail Peak - Triple Couloirs 5/2/2017

    Awesome work!! Great to see you back in full form, Josh :tup:
  11. Ueli Steck gone

    Sad news... I remember meeting him in Portland a couple years back when he did a slide show. For someone who has scaled so much of the heights, he was totally down to earth. We'll all miss him.
  12. On ideal dynamic climbing ropes

    [Geek] Check out this paper on mathematically ideal climbing ropes. [/Geek] As the authors state in the paper: "We do not expect this paper to have an immediate effect on the climbing community... " It would be interesting to see what actual climbers who practise the craft think about this topic (as opposed to the theory).
  13. Climbing Training - Conjugate Periodization

    That's quite the dedication Sol! Double props for keeping the level high despite being a dad :tup: . Looking forward to more TRs from you. P.S.: For me, campusing means just walking my fat ass to campus .
  14. Is Jefferson still in?

    Same as what recess said. We did the Jeff Park a bit more than 2 weeks ago as well (TR here). The ridge above Jeff Park was snow free. There was some snow/ice at the base of the summit pyramid for us, but was otherwise snow/ice free above. But if you're coming up the South ridge, you should not encounter this snow. Have fun, and post a TR please .
  15. [TR] Mt JEfferson - No walk in the (Jeff) Park 8/19/2016

    Thank you gents! Yes, Wayne, we did take the knife-edge ridge after the glacier. We tried to stay mostly on the ridge proper, but did go to the South side (climber's right) at a couple places. The whole ridge was free of snow/ice, and the rock was reasonably solid (by the standards of Jefferson ).