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  1. Conditions on a couple other great climbs (pics courtesy of Wes - 7/29/2012) Gilbert is chopped in half by the sun Harrington is in on Thompson, but looks like there isn't a ton of nice ice
  2. Nice report - love the pics and insight. This is on the list.
  3. I still can't figure out why nobody will vote for my downhill-chicken sandwich video
  4. I think I'll just BD Storm or something equivalent. Rechargeable AAAs with a backup set. Done.
  5. Do you guys hear something???? On the gizzard thing - quartz sand all the way.
  6. Thanks for the insight, kids. I'll add it to the mix.
  7. For those of you that actually get up high and out in the cold: I run a BD Spot right now. I need to replace it. I like that it is light and fairly bright, but I'm worried about it in some of the more extreme weather I get into. It has almost let down a couple times. Maybe I have a lemon. My understanding is that lithium batteries are lighter, not really affected by temp fluctuations, etc etc. However, I'd like to use something rechargeable, and I know I'll suffer longevity and a little weight. Lithium AAs = not rechargeable, yes? In addition...I'm considering the BD Icon/Princeton Tec Apex (remote-ish battery pack/brighter beam/etc) instead of something lighter like the BD Spot or Storm. vs Am I kidding myself? Will the fact that the batteries will be under a hood in potentially brutal cold vs out front really make a difference? Will that extra 4 oz of weight be the thing that blows my stubby screw when I take a 40 foot whipper on WI7+???? Personally, having only worked with the lighter-style models, I think the extra brightness and the batteries on the back (for possible added warmth under a hood) would be well worth the added weight. Chime in if you've got experience either direction, or have some technical knowledge on the newer headlamps...i.e. the LEDs actually help to warm the batteries on the Storm/Spot style models, etc etc. Also chime in if you have a "Mummy" comment, or something similar.
  8. Great post - thanks for taking and sharing all those pictures. I want to beam there from my cubicle right now.
  9. burchey

    One of you?

    I wonder if that's a Santa Cruz DH rig
  10. Robbie, something I forgot to add is how much I dig this Spray thing - seems like a lot of guys who can dish it out and take it, make fun of themselves and each other. Of course, you've still got the whining incoherent maggots that can't answer a direct question or take a personal shot. Makes me lol down in my gizzard.
  11. Speaking of the tubby thing - I'm amazed at how many of my peers packed it on over the years. Mama always tells me "eat something" when I go back to Ohio...guess I should be 30 pounds overweight like the rest of them.
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