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  1. Damn, we are few and far between as are my posts on cc.com. miss you all
  2. Seriously guys, where are you? Facebook?
  3. i did the majority of my climbing as an underemployed underpaid single mom of 2 boys. I am not saying I am not full of piss and vinegar because well I am and i give as good as I get as far as the spray flows. however I worked my ass off to get gear and spent most of my climbing time on the weekends at Smith because that was as far as I could get the time and money to go. It was a grand ol' time too. my boys were little, I had every other weekend to myself so i climbed my butt off. and glad I did.
  4. Hi guys! Thank you again for all of the great input and your personal stories. I took an Arthritis Foundation Aqua aerobics class yesterday. I singed up for 5 weeks of movement. I really like the lady that runs the show. It felt so good to move again I singed up for a yoga class for seniors. Unfortunately Rheumatoid Arthritis isn't going anywhere. It is an autoimmune disease that literally means that I have so many white blood cells they are board and attacking healthy tissue. I have had it long enough that parts of my body are starting to deform. However, I love the idea of playing again. That is how I started Rock Climbing in the first place. So I am playing at the things I am able to do and it is the most fun I have had in a very long time. You guys are great and I <3 you all for taking the time to respond to me. I will keep you updated on my progress. xoxoxoxoxooxxo Muffy
  5. you met him on here? i thought climbers were all warm and fuzzy liberals, deep in the trenches, battling the war on women I have met many climbers on here. all but one were respectful and actually kind smart and amazing men. I have had a few stop off at my house on the way somewhere else to get a nights rest. One even watched my kids for six months or so. it is not the site, I was the person. the dinner was not a date I just happened to be in town. it was someone I had climbed with and had a buddy relationship with.at least that was what I thought. being a climber does not preclude one from having respect for women.
  6. as an adult woman I went to dinner with a man and went back to his place to check it out. he proceeded to tell me that because I came back to his house i had to have sex with him. I bailed faster than I can fall out of cruel sister in the smith rock gorge. Yikes that was almost a really bad situation. I was in my 30's and was very nearly date raped. had I not been Muffy and not been 30ish that could have turned out really differently. I live in a college town. everyone knows rape happens. what is sad is that no one wants to talk about it. hell that was the first time I told that story. I should have smeared his name all over the place, but not even i did that. I will say that person stopped posting on cc.com at least using the same avatar.
  7. i couldn't remember my password? it is nice to be back
  8. thank you so much for the ideas and input. The diet that has worked best for me had something to do with yoga and was very restrictive. No dairy no soy no gluten no night shades and no capsasin at all. not even sweet peppers. I have considered moving to a warmer sunnier place but right now that is not a possibility. I will work on getting back to my diet and add some supplements to try to get my body in fighting shape. god i am tired of being sick...
  9. no, i have been demised. I just want to come back from the dead and do some new things. I want a reason to buy gear, really thats it...
  10. Glassgo and everyone I have Rheumatoid arthritis, Fibermialsia, Rynods, and some other odds and ends. I used to be very physically fit and exercised all the time but due to the discomfort and disabilities I have seriously slacked off and gained a LOT of weight. I definitely need to improve my diet. water is a great idea and I think the community center has a stationary bike too. the other idea i had was just to hike up as far as i can go and try to make it a little further every time I go. I need to get the fire burning again. I am open to any other ideas fer sure!
  11. In the past I was purely a crag climber. because of health issues I have been away for about 7 years. I really want to get fit again and get back outside. I can walk about 2 miles but up is really hard on me. my goal is the south sister. where do I start besides walking around the block? what is the best way to loose the fat and build the endurance I will need for an all day slog? My mobility is limited so the usual things like running are not possible at this time... I am holding out hope that if I lose some weight I will be able to jog again.
  12. hey now I used to be somebody,,,Internet famous...
  13. helpful but not effective. climbing still takes over 7 years later even after i gave all my gear away... I still hear Smith calling to me...
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