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  1. Speaking out of sincere concern and well wishes: I am seriously worried about you and your friend living for very long. You are in your first year of climbing and mention multiple epics and serious injuries. On this climb, you used a bunch of single point rappel anchors. There's other things you wrote that give me concern too, but I'll leave it at that for now. You seem to be making decisions like you are running out of time to climb... which you might be, if you don't start making more conservative decisions. If you slow your roll a bit, dial in the fundamentals, and make more conservative choices, you'll have a long climbing career and live to tell the tale. It would be a shame for a stoked climber like you to have (another) serious injury that takes you out of the game, or worse.
  2. Even with its location, it's still extremely popular. Tons of climbers and non-climbers alike up there!
  3. The road was chill, we had more than a Prius but less than a truck. No issues!
  4. This route is a bit off the beaten path, but undeniably classic and honestly pretty mellow for a 7 pitch 5.10a (guidebook grade). The perfect way to wrap up alpine rock season! Full TR with photos here: Spokalpine
  5. God damn! I was so scared on the first pitch that I didn’t even notice the second one being badly protected, though it totally was in retrospect.
  6. Lion Tamer is the Acid Baby of the Idaho Selkirks. Do it! Bring a strong partner and all of your lichenous choss wrangling skills. Full report/photos here: Lion’s Head – Lion Tamer (III 5.10c) – SPOKALPINE
  7. The crowds were heinous, as to be expected on a "50 Classics" climb, but it was a wonderful day out. I already want to go back to the Tetons... Full TR here: Grand Teton – Complete Exum (III 5.7) – SPOKALPINE
  8. No snow gear needed currently. Do this climb!! Full TR with photos: https://spokalpine.com/2023/08/04/slesse-northeast-buttress-v-5-10a/
  9. NW Ridge/Face/Buttress/Arete is as good as it gets. Truly one of the best all-around adventures you can have as a climber in the Cascades. Do it!
  10. This might be my least favorite route on Forbidden, but paradoxically the 5.8 crux might be the best pitch on any of the classic ridge routes on the peak. Unquestionably worth doing! No snow gear is currently needed if descending the East Ledges. Full TR and photos here: https://spokalpine.com/2023/08/01/forbidden-peak-east-ridge-direct-iii-5-8/
  11. I thought this route was about as legit as a grade II 5.7 gets. Full TR here: https://spokalpine.com/2023/07/25/kangaroo-temple-northwest-face-ii-5-7-r/
  12. Damn!!! I realized I never shared this here. Hopefully someone reads it and gets stoked on the adventure of a lifetime. Full TR and photos here: https://spokalpine.com/2022/07/08/denali-cassin-ridge-vi-5-8-ai4/
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