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getting back to it

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In the past I was purely a crag climber. because of health issues I have been away for about 7 years. I really want to get fit again and get back outside. I can walk about 2 miles but up is really hard on me. my goal is the south sister. where do I start besides walking around the block? what is the best way to loose the fat and build the endurance I will need for an all day slog? My mobility is limited so the usual things like running are not possible at this time... I am holding out hope that if I lose some weight I will be able to jog again.

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The most important is going to be consistency. If you're a very fit person (workout daily/one+ big thing a week (like s.sister)) who eats healthy and you take two weeks of october and three weeks of february, and a week in june and july each where you don't work out at all, you drink lots of beer, and eat unhealthy. That will generally have little effect on overall fitness.


The same applies going from sedentary/less active background, the exercise has to be consistent.


Any weightlifting you can do to help build muscles--that'll help burn fat more than cardio alone. Good luck!



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Glassgo and everyone


I have Rheumatoid arthritis, Fibermialsia, Rynods, and some other odds and ends. I used to be very physically fit and exercised all the time but due to the discomfort and disabilities I have seriously slacked off and gained a LOT of weight. I definitely need to improve my diet.


water is a great idea and I think the community center has a stationary bike too.


the other idea i had was just to hike up as far as i can go and try to make it a little further every time I go.


I need to get the fire burning again.


I am open to any other ideas fer sure! :moondance:


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Impact exercise and RA is a big no-no. Sounds like you are having issues with your auto-immune system over all. RA, Fibromyalgia and Raynaud's are all part of auto-immune conditions.

Probably I would start with a nutritionist, but someone with more "athletic" frame of mind. In many instances, a big contributing factor to auto immune disorders are food allergies. We tend to think about them in terms of anaphylactic shock, but in a lot of cases the response is more tame. However it doesn't mean that over a longer period of time, things will not start going down hill.

Designing a sustainable exercise program is another step. What you do not want is to cause massive tissue inflammation- your body has already hard enough time with dispensing what you are already producing. Hence getting massive soreness after the workout will be counterproductive.

Have you thought about moving to warmer and drier climate? Usually sun exposure and increased vitamin D levels help as well.

Also do not use any NSIDS, which includes ibuprofen and generally what is called anti-inflammatory drugs.


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Hey Muffy, long time. I have found that Omega-3 supplementation helps me a lot with inflammation. The Vitamin D suggestion is a good one. People tend not to get enough sunshine in the PNW. I read the other day that niacin supplements can help Raynaud's Syndrome. Try the inositol hexaniconiate. It doesn't cause flushing like regular niacin. If you can find it you might try a new supplement called nicotinamide riboside.

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thank you so much for the ideas and input. The diet that has worked best for me had something to do with yoga and was very restrictive. No dairy no soy no gluten no night shades and no capsasin at all. not even sweet peppers.


I have considered moving to a warmer sunnier place but right now that is not a possibility.


I will work on getting back to my diet and add some supplements to try to get my body in fighting shape.


god i am tired of being sick...

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five years ago I took a long avalanche ride down a tight couloir, and broke "pretty much everything". I finally graduated to resistance training in a gym about a year ago. for the four years before that, hatha and prana yoga were a HUGE element of my physical therapy. you mentioned yoga in reference to diet. I'm proof it works. recovery is long, but its EXCITING. that first year especially - each day I found myself able to do something I could not do the day before. I felt like a little kid again - learning to eat, learning to walk...

I started rock climbing again before I could walk without canes - handholds supplied the function of the canes. if you enjoyed cragging, find a 5.0 (or even easier) to play on.

I used to run ten to fifteen miles at a time when I couldn't get to the alpine. I cannot tolerate more than a mile or two at a time now but my ankles are still improving, (note the time line - five years and counting) so I am hoping... can you tolerate riding a bike?

I guess the main thing I want to say is: don't WORK at it -- PLAY at it!

be sure to journal to remind yourself of your progress on the "down" days...


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Seen this yesterday and it motivated me to go for a bike ride. I think his quote "the type of movement is less important than moving its self" really is true.


Like Will said, at this point you just need to "move". The Stair stepper is my choice of torture in the gym, but just getting out hiking would be the best option. I'm not real familiar with your medical issues, but swimming and biking sound like your best bet until you get healthier.

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Two years ago I was hit with arthritis, knees hips and elbows. It was debilitating to the point of avoiding exercise and losing strength. I started taking high doses of Vit C. Not processed pills either, just pure powdered Acerola berries. And not the minimum daily requirement either which is a complete joke, we're talking 8K to 10k mg daily. Knock on wood, been pain free for a year now.


Sun is important as already stated, if it's out and I'm not working I'm outside. Vit D will absorb into your skin and your eyes.


The modern USA conventional diet is mostly garbage, you are being slowly poisoned. Stick to the (organic) produce and non additive non processed non GMO stuff.


I haven't run in years, the bike is nice and just hiking easy trails with a light pack. The older you get the more important stretching becomes.

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Hi guys! Thank you again for all of the great input and your personal stories. I took an Arthritis Foundation Aqua aerobics class yesterday. I singed up for 5 weeks of movement. I really like the lady that runs the show. It felt so good to move again I singed up for a yoga class for seniors.


Unfortunately Rheumatoid Arthritis isn't going anywhere. It is an autoimmune disease that literally means that I have so many white blood cells they are board and attacking healthy tissue. I have had it long enough that parts of my body are starting to deform.


However, I love the idea of playing again. That is how I started Rock Climbing in the first place. So I am playing at the things I am able to do and it is the most fun I have had in a very long time.


You guys are great and I <3 you all for taking the time to respond to me. I will keep you updated on my progress.





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