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  1. Thanks for sharing! @JasonG I was up there for said festivities that day as well. Yeah a zoo--in large part due to that permit BS. Visibility stunk. But I've had worse. And the snow was fantastic for most of the way down. Here's a few of the brooding clouds if you don't mind my piggybacking to the same date? not sure if that's proper/improper etiquette here these days
  2. good to see you here max. You gave me advice on some rudimentary climbing stuff here like 9 years ago, like talking boots and ice axes n shit. the new graphs suck. They allow more customization but I never wanted that. I just wanted a direct link to the image file that showed the last 9 days or whatever. This file is 22kb. I could have direct links to each weather station to follow the past week's weather and get a current bead on it. The new setup is clunky af.
  3. i guess some people need a little extra motivation not to die when they get out of bed each day
  4. am i missing something with this tomfoolery... I get a hip belay or something without a harness but... i thought roping up around the waist, like, what the fuck is the point, and i'm sure no pro is put in.. so wtf
  5. awesome early beta, champ to work with what you got and bang it out with the extra elevation gain on the road.. how's an 8,000ft climb in a day feel? very solid work, glad you were rewarded with excellent corn for so long, you def earned it! appreciate the follow-up post as well
  6. do you need help geolocating trip reports? If there's a list and there is some way to associate it with a spot on a map.. I would volunteer to help with that, 9000 is a big number but it can be done..
  7. RIP to Marc. Too young. Reading what he said reflecting on his Mt. Robson climb, I am reminded of a quote I read from the hermit of north pond, in Maine, a man who lived alone outdoorsfor 27 years, stealing from vacation cabins around a lake nearby to sustain himself. The below quote, you've got a man telling the reporter the secret of being, in a beautifully poetic way, and the interviewer wouldn't know it if he was getting smacked in the face with a cast iron skillet. Anyways, what Marc said about filling the void and existing as an actor to be perceived instead of just being seemed to hit the exact same mark of profundity. Leclerc: And it didn't take him 27 years cut off from society to recognize this same truth of nature
  8. Dismayed at the national reporting, but not surprised. Calling the mountain extra treacherous this time of year. The narrative that the group that parked themselves at the hogsback could not descend due to treacherous and unstable conditions. The fact of the matter is they were in shock and the reality of ever present objective danger on the mountain was acutely focused for them, understandably so. Suddenly they realized they had climbed beyond their abilities. But rescue was able to charge up to them and escort them down. But to be clear, it was not the mountain that prevented them from descending, it was their own ability and mental state.
  9. ohhh this was nice to get bumped up. what a hoot. I sure miss those days here.
  10. buddy buddy, surely the fine isn't more than the $700 MSHI crookedly charges, in cahoots with the FS, to access the crater! http://www.mshinstitute.org/explore/into-the-crater.html I don't think you'd see jail time. I believe the below section's are relevant, though I'm no lawyer. $500 fine / 6 months in jail. Which is funny, it's like giving a child a punishment of standing in the corner for 30 minutes, or cutting off one of their toes. $500 != 6 month in jail. The only way I could see getting 6 months in jail would be if you planned a commercial venture for a movie or something, or did some gross effort where you coordinated resources to go to the area and despoil it, do some evil kenevil type thing, ride a specialized dune buggy down crater lake's walls then it turns into a diesel sub and powers under water to explore, etc. https://www.law.cornell.edu/cfr/text/36/261.53 https://www.law.cornell.edu/cfr/text/36/261.1b https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/16/551
  11. follow up: where to update signature lines? seems like icons or something are missing, I see a lot of 'square box' icons that are empty? looks weird. All over on site where there would be little infos or a navigation button. edit posts? not seeing a spot to do it... i would have added this to the above.
  12. 1) thank you for the work. I know this is a labor of love. 2) would echo I find myself doing a lot of scrolling on the landing page. Think it needs a better layout, or to nest/collapse the sub-forums within the parent so it's cleaner up front. 3) also agree, my MO of accessing cc for the last 5 years has been a link to 'last 24hr'. On other forums there is an 'unread posts' link that will show you everything you haven't read since the last time you accessed the site (i think)... 4) cheers
  13. look up portlandhikers group on facebook. or try www.oregonhikers.org - you'll get more ppl on facebook option
  14. congrats! not an easy year if you were behind the fires. Hope you got to see goat rocks in good condition, if you hadn't previously. AT ~thru hiker, a decade ago.. since you tour it sounds like you've got a fair bit of shiessa down, so don't take this as talking down at all. Just, I know the feeling of having finished a hike, the shape you're in, save any nagging injuries, but if you finished they're not too bad. At least for me and in my observations of others, there's a kind of bounding confidence after that's both an actualization of higher self and a bit of hubris. I swear on the hike you're continually churning some hiker karma and it gets drawn down as it's needed. Anyways, I've seen a fair share of hikers take this same... intensity and perseverance and apply it to climbing, as greenhorns. It often strikes me as somewhat out of place, even though I understand it. I guess, overserving its purpose, if anything. sorry for the ramble. There can be some fantastic and stable climbing in the midst of winter, dec-jan-feb. Avy a consideration oft less of a factor than expected, esp up to the hogsback, in my experience. threading windows this time of year can be real gamble. half the climb window, and quadruple your climb time, then assess.
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