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Road trips?


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Or, for that matter, ever hear of Red Rocks, where it's sixty mofuggin' degrees in December and sunny like Malibu? Damn straight, homie! Road trips are for getting the hell out to someplace new or someplace different from the norm, to better weather or better conditions, for music- and caffeine-fueled epic drives, for days of climbing, and all manner of other goodness. But for Spring and Summer only? You're hosing yourself and good if you stick to that philosophy!


Now go pack the car and get the hell outta here, and don't come back til you've racked up at least 2,000 miles and some raw fingertips! Scoot!

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I see a distinct difference b/w the two as well Mtnr Michael. Usually a drive to climb is a weekend, but if I am spending vacation time or a week or so that either you have to drive for long hours for or fly in a plane, I would count that as a road trip. Doesn't have to be in warm weather. Excellent ice to be had up in BC during Feb and I probably would not "drive to a climb" for that but "ROAD MUTHA-FUCKIN' TRIPPIN'" for that one. Ideally, I dream of an endless summer (or endless winter for you tele/ice climbers out there) - one continuous road trip around the world climbing in both hemispheres and dirt-bagging it for a solid year. Anyone wanna dream with me! Or better yet, pay for me to go with them? I'll bring 5 of you with me if I win Powerball tonight. Stay tuned.... bigdrink.gif

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