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  1. Crystal Mountain

    Crystal's site is up. Crystal
  2. Road trips?

    What have I done to offend you and Charlie?
  3. Road trips?

    I see a distinct difference between a road trip and driving to a climb.
  4. Missile Defense -- Who needs it?

    EMP's (Electro Magnetic Pulse) are still very experimental. The test bed is a portable and it has a range of only about 30ft. It is possible to shield against EMP's, Air force One is shielded. Did any one see the movie "Escape from LA," part of the story line was about EMP's.
  5. Road trips?

    Road trips are for spring/summer.
  6. Deadguy sets record on CC.com!

    Can we not get the IP address and block this character forever?

    bandguy sure is popular, two active threads about himself.

    I second the question! SAR is good!
  9. Deadguy sets record on CC.com!

    Well spoken!
  10. Deadguy sets record on CC.com!

    I just want to pose a question: why is this thread not in CC.News or Spray? I must admit some of the arguments that I read on this site are very entertaining.
  11. Winter Skiing in MRNP

    I go hiking in that area quite a bit. But have never thought about the potential to ice climb it. There are also some cliffs on the west side of Upper Crystal Lake that might prove fruitful.
  12. Is this TLG's secret???

    This site needs to offer more.
  13. Winter Skiing in MRNP

  14. Legpull?

    Is it just me is that picture fake? The "58 yr old" mom's head appears to be pasted on. That is very poor craftsman ship.
  15. Where is the Outrage? part II.

    Cool, what about: "Military Intelligence."
  16. AA

    There are quite a few stories of people who were not accepted to college because the college was trying to meet certain quota of each ethnicity. Heck, it happened to a friend of mine, wonderful SAT and GPA, but not accepted.
  17. Baby Rocco goes Ice Climbing

    I did not know that Mattel made a Climbing Ken. Where did you get it?

    I am with you SEF!
  19. Is it just me

    Talk about spray, which is way out there. But yes I see that.
  20. Now this looks more like winter

    Check the weather, the NW will be getting hammered for the next week. Ladies and Gentleman...wax those skies!
  21. spray refracts from this site

    Cool! What if you have a LCD, does that change anything? I too should be studying for my finals.
  22. Toad Addicts Strike Again

    Some people are really desperate.
  23. Bigfoot

    I never belived to begin with. I think people were to much and thought they saw .
  24. Winter Skiing in MRNP

    Good answer. Next time I will choose my words more carefully. Off hand does any body know the change in elevation between the top of crystal and were you emerge on 410?
  25. Oops

    It is not deterring me for flying.