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Leashless Modifications


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Not entirely true, Dru. Think of trying to hold on to a chopstick. It takes mucho strength. Tennis players have interechangeable handles, why can't we? Huh, BD?


snoboy - grips on tennis rackets differ in size by circumference. length too in some cases - but you can only specify the circumference, not the length. so i assume he is also talking about the circumference of the grip on the ice tools - not the length.

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What kind of gloves were you trying the Ergos with? I think they are fine with a thinner type glove. I also like the Cobra grip over the Rage type. Not because it is less pumpy to hold onto, but becasue it seems to put less preasure on your fingers. Thin grips hurt my fingers more on Steep ice.


Got some ideas from Mike at FF today about modifying the Cobra, thanks Mike.


He basicaly cut the BD Ice clipper appart and Hose Clamped one end to the shaft of the Cobra. He also took the hammer piece off and used a regular nut to fasten the pick. Then he wrapped the shaft in hockey tape.


Sounds cool, I may try it. I like that it is temporary!

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I thought I would bring this back to the top, as I've experimented recently a bit.


Based on some stuff I saw at Hafner, I bought and modified a set of Viper Fang pinkey ledges for my Black Prophets, and they improved the "leashless" performance of this tool tremendously. The modification is easy but delicate with a sharp knife and rat-tail file. If you modify it too much, the ledge becomes unstable and flexes alot. I did one well, and one not-so-well...the differnce is very noticable.


BD is coming out with Fangs for Cobras next season. So for those of you who can wait, you will be able to convert your cobras into a better performing leashless tool with these.


Grivel makes a bolt-on trigger, but I dont know if it fits BD tools.


Finally, Trango has come out with a headless Madame Hook, which is a modern clearance oriented tool with interchangeable handles - ergo, or regular. I will probably be demo-ing them in the near future, if anyone wants to try them out.



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BD is coming out with Fangs for Cobras next season.


This did not happen, and I have not been able to get my Viper Fangs onto my Cobras with the same ease as I got them on my Prophets. You have to file so much plastic down, it makes the whole thing pretty suspect. frown.gif

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Here's the latest news from BD on this:


"The pinky shelf on the Cobra would have to be redesigned and beefed

up in order to facilitate a Fang attachment (as is, it just wouldn't be

strong enough.)  There are no plans to change the tool, consequently the

Fang will not be an option for the Cobra."


Hmmm...there's still gotta be a way to do it, though.

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Where's the love for the CM Quarks (non-ergo). I thought there was supposed to be an add-on for the pinky hook that was backward compatible with the old Quarks. Anyone seen this beast? I've seen the new Petzl Quarks and would like to retrofit the hook if possible to my old CM Quarks.

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They exist. Jim Nelson has them at PMS for $11 each. In order to install you must use a razor blade and trim the rubber at the end of the handle and drill a small hole. It comes with instructions and is not that hard to do. I put them on my quarks and love them, besides helping to keep me from bashing my fingers gumby style, climbing leashless is super fun. I do all the easy climbs leashless now, when leading harder stuff I still leash up though.




... btw, they're called the "grip rest"

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