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  1. So, here's a question - how much potential do you think there is for new routes on Rainier that aren't, like, silly little variations? Had been talking with someone who mentioned a line to climber's left of Liberty Ridge, called maybe the Mowich Ice Face as he recalled, that featured crazy overhanging ice climbing - but I'm not sure this makes any sense to me.
  2. Hey everyone - Going to be switching up my ice rack and have decided to part ways with my screws. Full list below. They're all in excellent condition. One of the Grivels has a slight bur on one of the teeth but everything else is in pretty damn good shape. 5 16cm Grivel 360s 2 Petzl Laser Sonic 13cm 2 Petzl Laser Sonic 17cm 1 Petzl Laser Sonic 21cm Would prefer to sell as a set. These all go for around $60 a screw, at least in the case of the Grivels, but would take $350 for the lot. Email paborden (at) gmail if you're curious or have questions!
  3. Cleaning my closet - Selling my pair of Scarpa Alpha plastic boots size 12 and a L Patagonia Better Sweater half zip in brick red. $80 for the alphas obo, $50 for the better sweater obo. Also have a large grey sealine drybag backpack that's new, $75. Please send an email to paborden(at)gmail.com. Can provide photos.
  4. Selling a pair of brand new viper android leashes. $70 obo. Unloading an xmas gift ...
  5. Cleaning out the closet ... Got a Petzl Meteor helmet ... ($50) And 6 BD Quickdraws for sale ... ($50) If you're interested, please email paborden(at)gmail.com
  6. Finally want to get a decent pair of technical non-plastic boots for climbing ice in the lower 48. Swore I'd pick up a pair of the La Sportiva Extreme Evos this year ... but just saw the Baturas and I'm intrigued. Can anyone compare / contrast the two?
  7. Pair of Grivel TaaKoon Ice Tools for sale. Come with picks, hammers, and a set of plastic coated indoor picks as well. $250 for the set. Please email paborden(at)gmail.com as I almost never check my PMs on here.
  8. Oh, and I'm not local, to be clear, so we'll have to add shipping. :-)
  9. Lots of misc clothing and gear for sale. I have pictures of all of these, so feel free to ask questions / request photos / make an offer. Oh, and best to email me at paborden@gmail.com if you're interested in any of this stuff: * EML Long Sleeved Black Puffy (Size L) (Like the patagonia down sweater) $70 * Patagonia DAS Parka, Size L, Blue $100 * Patagonia L Blue Shell $100 (Can't remember which model) * Patagonia Blue Synthetic Puffball Vest, Size L $40 * Cloudveil XL Black Fleece Pants $25 * Patagonia R1 in Olive Green, L $25 * Patagonia L Silk Weight Long Sleeved Capilene in Green Stripes $15 * Rock Exotica Silent Partner $175 * Yates Rocker $80 * MSR Dragonfly $80 * MSR Pocket Rocket $25
  10. I'm selling a two year old pair of Grivel Taakoon ice tools. They're in great shape, and come with both the standard picks and the indoor, plastic-covered dry tooling picks. Selling because, well, I love them but have to fund a trip. ;-) $350 FOR BOTH! + Shipping Oh, and I rarely check PMs on here, so if you want these, please email me: paborden@gmail.com More details on the Taakoon below: Originally designed as a dry-tooling specific tool, the Taa-K-Oon immediately won its place on the steepest waterfalls and hardest alpine routes in Europe. Grivel’s top ambassadors (Christophe Profit, Ezio Marlier, Bubu (Bole), Manu Ibarra, Jerome Blanc-Gras, Stevie Haston, and Erhard Loretan all agreed that it was THE choice in the Grivel line for the hardest pure ice and alpine conditions. Clearance in the upper shaft area is the same (22cm) as Top Wing, Tech Wing (which Taa-K-oon replaces) or Racing Wing while the lower dogleg curve places the hand further from the ice (or rock), providing more overall clearance than any other Grivel tool. The Horn (pommel) and trigger are removable to use Taa-K-Oon as an alpine tool, and the spike is ChroMoly steel to stab easily into ice or drive through hard snow. Marko Prezelj recently wrote to Grivel, "Takoon is now my first choice for mixed ground." Features: ChroMoly Steel Hot-forged head T-rated shaft Comes with Cascade pick and Piccolo hammer Weight: 754 REVIEW: Oh Grivel, why did you have to give up on a good thing and leave North American distribution? I have been a loyalist to this old Italian company for twelve years, and for good reason. Their crampons, while often heavier than some competitors, are unbeatable in quality and climbing performance. Their ice tools have seen more constant change in design than any other line. And Grivel’s innovations are likely the most copied and replicated. I climbed with the second generation of Rambo ice tools for seven years, quite happily. When I saw a preview of the Taa-k-oon, I called up the first European distributor that stocked them, before they even came over to the states. These tools taught me how to climb leashless. I modified mine to take a bungee/umbilical leash, which I use on bigger routes. I removed the trigger, and instead mounted a hose clamp for matching hands on a tool. I have tried every other major tool on the market, and I still cannot justify replacing my Taa-k-oons. Furthermore, while introducing some friends to ice climbing, the Taa-k-oons came out on top as the consensus favorite, over Charlet Nomics and Black Diamond Cobras. The shape of these tools allows for an incredibly natural swing, although the Nomics and Cobras come close. The Mixte picks may very well be the best picks on the market. Get a pair while you still can.
  11. Just curious if anyone has experience with the pros / cons of the Nallo vs. Jannu. With the Jannu, I pretty much know what to expect, but I've got absolutely no experience with tunnel tents like the Nallo...
  12. Looking for a 0' or 5' degree bag, long. Just missed out on the one below
  13. Anyone? Please respond via email: paborden(at)gmail(dot)com
  14. FS: Pair of Petzl Clipper Leashes. Make me an offer. paborden(at)gmail(dot)com
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