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  1. Hi there, I think I've responded to all the PM's, if I haven't please send me another one. Most of this has sold or is in process, so it's easier to list what is still available. Thanks. Still for sale: 15 superfly's 1 bd atc 1 bd gear sling bd #2, #1, #.75, #.5 cams (not c4's) 2 charlet ice leash 1 grivel ice leash 1 bd ice leah Some of the "in prcess" may fall through, if it does I'll post up again. Thanks. John Oh, and I've got to get back to work now ; -) .. so won't respond to new PM's until tonight.
  2. All must go. I'm in Kirkland and prefer cash face to face, but I will ship if you pay for it. I'll take paypal too. Some of this gear is close to new, some of it has been well used. I think it's priced fairly. PM me for details. thanks, John trango superfly carabiner (29) $3 each wildcountry helium carabiner (10) $5 each wildcountry helium quickdraw (4) $11 each small bd fifi hook $5 petsl ice screw racking biners (4) $2 each knife blade $3 angle $3 oval biners (2) $2 each nut tools (2) $2 each v thread tools (2) $5 each petzl tibloc (3) $7 each camp alumuinum axe 50 cm $15 grivel air teck racing axe 55cm $60 quarks w/ hammers, w/extra adze leashes $100 bluewater double length runners (2) $2 each mamut dynemma triple length sling (1) $8 mamut dyneema double length sling (2) $4 each mamut dynemma single length sling (6) $3 each petzle reverso (1) $5 bd atc (1) $5 bd roll up ice screw bag (2) $5 each bd 16cm screws (5) $15 each bd 19cm screw (1) $15 bd 16cm new-style screw (3) $20 each charlet laser 17 cm screw (3) $12 each bd gear sling (1) $5 petzl dartwin crampons $50 trango aluminum crampons $20 bd c4 #4 cam $40 bc c4 #3 cam $30 bd c4 #2 cam $30 bd #2 cam $20 bd c4 #1 cam $30 bd #1 cam $20 bd #.75 c4 cam $25 bd #.75 cam $20 bd #.5 cam $20 full set of tcu's $15 each charlet ice leash (2) $3 each grivel ice leash $3 bd ice leash $3 Set and half (15 pcs.) assorted nuts $30
  3. 12 point crampons sold Red BD ATC sold BD ice leash sold Thanks everybody, this concludes today's sale !
  4. Still for sale / back on the market: M10 crampons 12 point crampons Quickdraws 2 ATC's, Reverso Nut tool Assorted ice axe leashes
  5. Trango belay device sold Lockers sold Gri Gri sold
  6. Aztars sold All cams sold Quark picks sold All pins sold All screws sold Aiders sold
  7. Got a bunch of extra climbing stuff that I need to sell to support yet another hobby. I'm in Kirkland and would prefer to sell face to face rather than ship. Send me a PM or email me at johnjaguiar(at)hotmail.com Thanks for looking, John. Charlet Aztars - great alpine tool. Lightweight, so if you ice climb in these get the wrist flick down. $100 for both w/ leashes and extra picks (the extra picks are beat so use them dry tooling) Camalot #6 - this is the new style. Carried it and used it once on the offwidth on backbone ridge. $50 Camalot #5 - same story as the #6 $50 Metolius TCU's, Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue. Well used but never abused $15 each or $50 for all 4 M10 Charlet crampons - I've got the mono points on, but have the extra points. Have the back part of the anti-bot mounted - don't have the front part of the anti bots. Sharpen 'em up and you're good to go. $40 Charlet 12 point crampons - circa 2000. Perfectly useful for general mountaineering $20 Quark Cascade picks - all of these are used, some a lot, some not so much. Some are still good for general ice, some for dry tooling practice. $30 for all of them Black Diamond Lost Arrow #4 - never placed $10 Black Diamond Knife Blades #4,#6,#6 and an Angle - placed a couple of the pins a couple of times, never placed the angle. $5 each, $25 for all the pins (including the LA) Black Diamond quickdraws - get your sport on $5 each, $20 for all 5 Petzl Gri Gri - like new, used only a couple times. $40 Belay devices. 2 BD ATC's, 1 Trango Jaws, 1 reverso (edges are worn but not to a knife edge), 1 reversino $5 each Ice Screws, 1 21cm Grivel, 1 19cm BD, 1 13cm charlet, 2 10cm bd - decent shape $15 each, $70 for all 5 Nut tool $5 Assorted Lockers, 2 Mammut, 1 auto locker Mammut, 1 petzl, 3 bd's $5 each, $30 for all 7 Black Diamond 5 step Aiders. Used them twice on the two times I've climbed the bolt ladder on monkey face. Otherwise they've been in a plastic tote. $15 for both aiders Ice axe leashes - 2 charlet, 1 bd, and 1 grivel $5 each
  8. (5) BFG MT 255/75/17 (5) 17" x 7.5", 5x5 bolt pattern, 6.25" Backspace, Aluminum Rubicon wheels. I have five OEM wheels and tires off of a 2008 Jeep Wrangler JK Rubicon. The tires are a special 32" BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain with an improved tread pattern unique to the JK Rubicon. They have under 2000 miles on them, except the spare which was never driven on. The tires are mounted on the wheels and inflated with new valves, but the Tire Pressure Monitoring System's sensor valves were removed and re-installed on the new wheels and tires I put onto the Jeep. So you can either run these as is, or you can have your tire shop swap your own TPMS sensors from your current wheels to these new ones, and you won't have to fuss with having to get the dealership to reprogram your TPMS. They will fit the following Jeeps that use the 5 x 5 lug pattern: '07-Current Wrangler & Wrangler Unlimited JK '99-'04 Grand Cherokee WJ '05-Current Grand Cherokee WK '06-Current Commander XK I think $600 is a fair price. I am in Kirkland and as I don't have a truck to carry all 5 at the same time, I'd prefer you pick them up.
  9. I found an ice screw and quick draw that were left high on the Paradise Falls route in Leavenworth. If you can describe it and want it back let me know.
  10. Just got back from leavenworth. Was at rainbow falls and it is in and relatively fat. Other stuff looked in too. Was 19F when we got back to the car at 4:30pm.
  11. Like KK said visualizing success helps a lot. also when you get those moments, just focus on one foot at a time. step. next step. and step again. step. step. step. step. focusing on a simple repetitive thing like your footwork will shift your attention away from your negative thoughts. in fact it's almost trance like - think of natives dancing around the fire before going into battle - they do that on purpose to focus the mind and crowd out thoughts of doubt. also don't forget that EVERYONE has these doubts, they just happen at different points for different people of varying levels of experience, and also different people handle them differently .. some push through them and some don't. i can't count how many times I've gone to do something, actually started hiking up, and then said .. "ah, screw this I don't feel like it"
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