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  1. Lightly used McHale Super SARC backpack. Those familiar with these packs know that they are the highest quality pack you can buy. I had this made about 7 years ago and used it on a few routes. I don't do routes of this type anymore and figured someone should put it to use. About the pack: Very versatile pack - big Alaskan routes, long winter routes in the PNW, etc. ~4000 cu inches in volume my torso (as measured here on McHale's page) is 52cm spectra reinforced ripstop nylon used throughout this pack comes with all the accesories: expandable side pockets if you need more volume on approaches detachable 'wand' pockets ski slots summit flap lid doubles as waist pack shovel or 'shove-it' pocket extra long skirt for unexpected bivy additional low-profile 'climbing' belt I would like to get $225 - which is about 1/3 of what I paid. Seem reasonable? PICS: this pic shows the length from where the shoulder straps are anchored to the middle of the waist belt (ie. 52cm for my torso):
  2. ice gear? any interest

    Bump. Updated list and added link to photos to most items. Note: I will ship and prefer payment through PayPal.
  3. ice gear? any interest

    replied to PMs. please send me an email (listed in my profile) for any future questions as it is easier for me to track. thanks!
  4. ice gear? any interest

    i can get pics, but i wanted to see if there was interest before doing the work. i'm in PDX if anyone is local and wants to take a look: 13cm BD non-express. Condition 9/10. $20 Three 17cm Grivel 360. Condition 8/10. $25/eachSOLD 22cm Grivel 360. Condition 8/10. $25 14cm Charlet Moser non-express ice screw. Condition 9/10. $20 BD non-express 17cm screw with rough threads. Condition 6/10. $10 SOLD Omega 17cm non express with rough threads. Condition 7/10. $10SOLD Grivel G14s, step-in model, dual/mono conversion kit. Condition 7/10. $75 SOLD Petzl Vasak, pneumatic model (step-in heel, strap-on toe). Used on a few routes - like new. Great spring crampon. Condition 9/10. $75 Three Yates screamers. $5/each SOLD BD Ice Spectre. Condition 9/10. $15 Bluewater Ice lines: 60m twins, 7.8mm (i think), dry. Only used on a few routes. condition 9/10. $80 Here is a link to some photos: ICE GEAR photos For questions, please send me an email (listed in my profile) not a PM. I will ship items (add $5 for small items, $10 for the ropes) and prefer payment through PayPal. I'll keep this list up to date as things sell. thanks!
  5. WTB: Tent...

    $325 seems fair
  6. WTB: Tent...

    i have a Bibler Eldorado. yellow, two doors, perfect condition - only used a couple times. let me know if you are interested.
  7. FS: McHale super-SARC

    i'll get some pics up later, but i'm getting rid of my McHale custom Super-SARC pack. I had it custom made back in 2001. It is red rip-stop nylon and comes with a shovel pouch and side-pockets. it was used about a half-dozen times and is still in as-new condition. for those familiar with his work, you know these packs are built to last a lifetime. a bit about the pack: - ~4000 cu inches - spectra reinforce ripstop nylon - lid doubles as summit pouch - comes with shovel pocket, detachable side pockets, and summit flap - similar to his model: http://www.mchalepacks.com/ultralight/detail/ULsarc01.htm this was by far, the most comfortable pack i ever carried. it puts the load directly on your hips and has no 'hot-spots'. after using this pack, i was fully convinced. also, to give you an idea of the size, i have a normally proportioned torso and am 5'6. $275 OBO
  8. Yosemite Beta - FREE

    gone - thx.
  9. Yosemite Beta - FREE

    sorry - nothing on the nose that isn't readily available elsewhere. nobody wants this stuff? they get thrown in the recycling this week...
  10. Yosemite Beta - FREE

    hah - it has been over a year since i climbed last i'll be down in medford the first weekend in april. if you are around we should catch up.
  11. Yosemite Beta - FREE

    as i don't foresee another extended trip to the valley in my future i will cleanse myself of temptations. rather than throw them out i figured someone would have use for them. i have a stack of nicely organized trip reports and topos (some even prepped for wall use) for many of the 'moderate' valley wall routes. PM me if you are interested and you can come by to pick them up. i live in NE PDX. next, some hardware...
  12. Wanted: Haul Bag

    i have a metolius el cap. pm if interested.
  13. So i skied the West Crater on Hood Friday morning (5/18) as part of the Wang Dang Doodle. While we climbed up the east side of CR, I skied the green line shown below. However, once below CR, I took the green line instead of the red line that i had been following. it looked to be a few days old... Who skied this line and where did you go? it did look impressive. Also, anyone familiar with this ski descent, does the traditional descent go through the bottom of the Crater? that seems to be the obvious path, but it is melted out at the moment. The face at the bottom of the descent shown below is pretty steep.
  14. Mt. Hood--Wy'East Route

    you saw the wy'east from t-line?? if so, i'm assuming you aren't asking about the popular ski descent...
  15. come on lambone, sell the picks separately for an old friend:)