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Clear Creek 2060


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I have some (rare) good news re the approach road to Exfo, Blueberry, 3:00, and Green Giant. The 1.9 mile marker slide blew out twice this winter, the second one apparently filled in the cut from the first. It shouldn't take much to grade the result back to a driveable crossing. The big worry was the large slide in at mile 4.?. A friend walked up there yesterday and took some photos.


Looks as though the handwork we did last fall was a success. The huge culvert which was 100% plugged previously has now scrubbed itself out and is a clear path (WOW!). The erosion on the east side of the road appears to not be any worse, so should be passable if the 1st washout is graded.


Pre fall 2011 condition



After the clearing out and a good push from Jumbo Mtn water



1.9 mile washout filled back in for the most part





Typical logging start to the season...Guess I will sharpen the old saw up :)



M. Hanna

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FS had a road crew up there yesterday and now it's pretty much back to full drivability! Pretty bumpy for a Prius, but about as good as it's been in recent years.


Thanks are clearly in order to FS road manager Jim Mitchell (jbmitchell@fs.fed.us), who once again 'pulled the rabbit out of the hat'. Given the challenges of dealing with widely scattered road damage with very limited $, Jim finds a way to come through for us. :tup:

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Crazy thing-


It's been 76 degrees and sunny for several months up there, and they recently paved all the way in with a magical avy resistant polymer concrete. Where have you guys been? :moondance:


(emerging from dream state) :shock: ........ Uh yeah, I'll head up this weekend to discover what mommy nature has delivered this season, fingers crossed



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I was up there on March 9th and climbed The Kone -- maybe one of the few winter ascents :-) . We had to stop the low clearance car due to snow about 4 miles from the trailhead up to 3 O'clock rock. (there was about 3 feet of snow on the road) The rock was bare and dry once we got to it... it has been a few weeks so I am sure that you could drive much further in now... maybe to the TH. From what we could see of the road it looked good. There were a couple of smallish trees across the road 3 miles in that could be taken care of with a Ax. All Culverts looked good.

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I was up there on March 9th and climbed The Kone

Dayum, good for you! Plenty of needles on the bolts I reckon.


I know it has rained and snowed up there since, but I'm guessing the rock melts/dries quickly in this weather. Sounds like some post-holing is to be expected getting up to 3OC Rock.

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Sad to say Clear Creek Rd is currently closed about 2.5 miles in where several boulders fell out of the roadcut. 10-15 tons each likely by my guess...


In better news, FS 49 is fully open to the climbers camp. Spring Mtn Crags would be quite nice Tues or Wednesday :) Wish I didn't have to work.


M. Hanna

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