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  1. Looks like there is a second round of sustainable roads meetings. This is important! Please fill up these meetings thanks.
  2. Regarding the brush saw. The FS460 is total overkill and insanely expensive. I have a FS130 it is more than capable of slicing trough bunches of 4" diameter alders at walking speed with the correct blade. You can buy 3 FS130's for the price of 1 FS460. Anyway....there is an unfortunate side effect of using a brush saw. There is no blade that i am aware of that effectively mulches. The larger brush cuttings simply can't be left in place. This means someone has to haul it somewhere off out of the ditch's off of the shoulders. My observation on Bedal Creek road is it takes a minimum of two people dragging brush per brush saw. Glens Rentals in Granite Falls has brush cutters available. If i recall correctly it was $35 a day including fuel. You purchase the blade as they are an expendable item. With two brush saws, and four clearing the brush i believe half the road could be mowed in a day.
  3. FFPU does have an adopt-a-road program. But it's a big time commitment. Contact Martha if you interested. Probably the biggest single item is to go for a slow drive when a pineapple express if blowing thorough. Take note of the ditch's for overflow. It takes shockingly little water from an overflowing ditch to supersaturate things and cause a slump or land slide given the correct conditions. Report over flows. In the case of 2060 it has a couple of intentional ford points, and gets clobbered by snow slides during the winter. Also there is . This is nothing new.....Under the 2005 travel management rule 36 CFR 212.5(b)(1) the Forest Service must identify the minimum sustainable road system, and decommission what they cannot afford. With the current budget barely covering 20% of what's needed to maintain the current inventory of roads it's not hard to see there is gonna be some major access issues in the future.
  4. There's a work party on the road July 13th. Focus will be on fixing some drainage problems. Meeting point will be at the D town ranger station. 10am
  5. Those 10 to 15 ton boulders blocking clear creek road have been removed with a couple of 20 ton bottle jacks and a heavy duty chain hoist.
  6. Thought i would pass along some beta. There is a large slide across the road that leads to Culmback Dam. This explains the lack of plowing the road. Apparently there is contractor planning to do some maintenance before Olney pass. This is probably the reason for the road closed sign so far down the road. Last, there is a large slide across the South Shore Road, well before the South Fork Bridge. And there is a large slide across the road after the bridge. It will take some time for repairs to be made.
  7. I thought i would pass the word here. I hate to jump to conclusions but some thing fishy is going on. Over at nwhikers.net there is a couple of recent threads regarding the Sultan Basin. I'll abbreviate Upon further investigation, there is a road closed sign at approx the ten mile mark. Walking in past the road closed sign revealed there is evidence that a couple of culverts may have been replaced. But the road is passable, except it appears the PUD has discontinued plowing the road, and switched to a snow cat. http://www.nwhikers.net/forums/viewtopic.php?p=490233#490233 Is this a beginning of a lock out?
  8. FYI the DNR has totaly trashed the access road to static point. For more info please feel free to visit http://www.nwhikers.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=7971006&start=30 Please feel free to post coments on this site as well.
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