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Clear Creek 2060


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did not actually see squire creek wall. but the lingering snow seen on exfol dome suggests that the same would exist on squire. maybe lines protected from melting snow patches and/or seeps? Illusion seems like a good fit for these 2 conditions needed.


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makes sense. while the face would be free of snow, being east facing means lots of leeward side snow accumulation. The avalanches would build up the snow pack on the base of the face and ledges till june. heck, the first pitch of total soul and silent running is still under snow and that has a somewhat southerly aspect.

I thought you were asking about the dryness of the face itself.

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Hello fellow CC'ers


Just a heads up:


This weekend, a group of dedicated volunteers will be working on the Asbestos Creek ford a couple miles in. We will be installing the 2nd half of the surface repair. The funding was entirely donated by climbers and hikers last winter. A hefty thanks to everyone who made this happen!!!!


Truck is loaded, and we could always use a few more hands. Feel free to stop by to say hi and meet the intrepid and passionate force that helps maintain access to this great area. Looks warm, we'll be mighty thirsty


Give a call if interested in participating. 425-263-1220


M. Hanna

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