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SO, Fairweather posted 6 times over a ~24hour period claiming he wanted his question answered even though it had already been answered. When I eventually posted a law journal article that shows conclusively that 'one person, one vote' entails some measure of equality to influence outcomes, he first made himself scarce from this thread, then when he couldn't ignore it anymore, he started lying about how we got to this point.


How can someone showing so little self respect carry on in public like this? Is it stupidity? is it self loathing? This is a mystery to me.

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The day I am upset by meaningless zingers then I'll ponder whether I have a lack of self respect. You better watch out too, because neanderthals don't like people who don't mince words. You'll probably end up on their drive by hit list too if you don't wisen up.

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Representative Democracy versus Corporate Democracy:

How Soft Money Erodes the Principle of “One Person, One Vote”

Russell D. Feingold, US Senator 1992-2010


America’s electoral process is rooted in the principle of “one person, one vote,” but that principle is drowning in a flood of unlimited political campaign contributions that are, through their ability to secure privileged access to lawmakers, undermining the integrity of both our elections and the legislative process.1


[..]The course that both parties so zealously pursue poses a serious threat to the integrity of our democratic process.


That threat is the transformation of our representative democracy into what I call a corporate democracy, in which the “one person, one vote” principle is supplanted by a system that allocates influence over the political process in proportion to the amount of money an individual or group puts into that process.





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